Vaudeville returns to New York City


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Aug 6, 2010
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New York City
...and it's dragging me along in its wake.

If you're around in NYC this Friday night, come to the Gene Frankel Theater on Bond Street in Greenwich Village at 8 p.m. for an evening of Vaudeville.

I'm the only Uke player on the bill my night, so at least you won't get tired of hearing the uke.
awesome link John. And what a great show to be a part of. Congrats mate. Oh, LOVE your blurb...sure had me a chucklin'.

Have a ball mate. Looking forward to some new videos from the nights' shows.
OH.. So close and yet so far! wish I could be there... I am sure that you will knock em dead! Have an awesome time John. I hope someone will be videoing for you!!
You da man

Break a leg!:music:
thanks Cletus, Carrie, Dave and Jon. The missus will be videoing and I'll post.

Jon, I'm glad you liked the blurb; I wrote it in like two minutes 'cause the organizer said, "Where is your bio?" and I realized I had...nothing. So that's what came out of the keyboard. :)
This looks great - wish I could make it!
Well, how did the 1st two nights of "BRAG! The Psychedelic Circus!"
go? Hope well for the Uke player!
Well - it did go well, since you asked! :)

The only problem was that I was on second to last (a good place to be), but the show was running long so I had to cut a couple of songs to make up time. Other than that, it was a great time and I'd do it again in a minute. :)
Wish I could have been there to stalk you in person!
Oh My God...I had to go back for the blurb. You are a comic genius John,
and Tony Orlando does have a nice mustache.
I dare you to make a video of "Knock Three Times" on the BU. There, I said it.
And you got to play with Vic Ruggiero (also just caught that- totally slow)...I usually can't listen to any SKA not made in Jamaica in the early sixties, but he has been the driving force behind what of the new I have liked- pretty cool company there.
Glad to hear it went well and patiently awaiting the videos.
Glad it went well and you enjoyed it! Perhaps more to come!

I would love to go to a live Vaudeville performance. Can't imagine anyone that wouldn't, except for possibly the younger of the latest generation who never heard of it (or can't remember hearing of it).
Well - thanks, you guys! Here's a video a friend shot of the "Sheik of Avenue B".

I went on second to last, and the audience was definitely subdued by the time I came out, but still was a lot of fun. :)
Did he say Hebrew Harem?

Dude, that is splendid!:cheers:

:biglaugh:Salacious and spicy, too.

Thanks, Cletus!

:D Yes, that didn't seem to get a laugh, but then, no one complained about it either - after all, it WAS a Fanny Brice song. :)
Jon, Loved the video! Good job!
Thanks, Chindog, UkeWhisperer and Toobacat. :) Much appreciated!

Toobacat - hear what you have to look forward to? Yours sounds maybe even slightly better than mine does! :)
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