VERY Lucky Man!


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Mar 7, 2009
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Baltimore, MD
So, I bought the purple Kamoa 700T in the marketplace this weekend. It is now in transit. I just checked with my wife to see if she would be home the day it is to arrive. I told her a package was coming, followed by a rather large cheshire cat grin. She immediately knew and laughed. She laughed! Am I the luckiest ukulele playing man on the planet or what? She really loves me! I thought I was at least going to have to deal with some grumbling. I LOVE my wife!
Aloha Ray congrats on your new kamoa...perfect time go get it....almost a 1000 posts... happy strummings...
make sure you get the wifey something too:)
hehehe..... lucky indeed. I've got one of the cheaper Kamoa E3's and I'm astounded by the quality for the price - it's a great player and sounds really nice..... hopefully you'll enjoy their nicer model as much I enjoy mine.....
A great uke and a great wife. Sounds like life is good!

Enjoy it

ps. post some pic of that beauty (the uke, I mean) when it arrives
Here's a quick video I did for the 54th Season of the Ukulele. Purple Trouble in action!

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