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Sep 16, 2021
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Kauai Hawaii
I was just on another thread "favorite Hawaiian and Hapa Haole" songs... and thought I'd plop this in: Favorite vintage Hawaiian songs/music/performers.

For a data base, I love the vintage Hawaiian music recording collections that abound, for a roots of Hawaiian music experience.
Many if not most iconic Haw'n songs come from the 30's and 40's.

There's a rich history of music around the turn of the century; early 1900's... "By 1916, there were hundreds of Hapa Haole (half “foreign”) tunes written. That same year, reportedly more Hawaiian records were sold on the mainland than any other type of music. And they came in all the popular styles of the day: in ragtime, blues, jazz, foxtrot and waltz tempos, as “shimmy” dances and–even–in traditional hula tempos, but jazzed up a bit."
This page:

The collections have a smorgasbord of recognizable songs including Hapa Haole. I spent a couple years compiling music from my mother's collection of CDs a few years ago and by tracing a song, or an artist, came across these collections and found a wealth of materials available for a pittance...

The compelling earthy rhythms of icon Aunty Genoa Keawe. Talk about funky beats.

Songwriter/musicians Johnny K Almeida's interesting arpeggio style of accompanyment, John Kahauanu Lake Trio's harmonies and arpeggio style playing will transport to the heavens. These guys were some of the virtuosos on top of the music game in the 40's, performed (and composed) many classics.

Some interesting facts:
Johnny K Almeda was a blind composer and often his arpeggios and chords are on a mandolin.

John K Lake played an iconic baritone uke; the luthier (Leonard Young I believe) ... there's alot of his pieces around and have been played by the best; I know Bruddah Iz had one... I've seen pics of tenors and bari's and they all look alike. The headstock and fretboards are unique... John K Lake's arpeggios are priceless like his harmonies.

Composers Harry Owens, Johnny Noble...

Anyone here know who Sunny Cuhnha was/is? Wow he died in 1933... heres a list of songs:

How about... who wrote Mele Kalikimaka ? (He is seen with Martin ukes back in the day)
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