Wanted WANTED: (Discontinued) Romero Creations Spruce Top & Acacia Replica or Tiny Tenor

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King David

Jan 28, 2010
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For a while Pepe Romero Creations was offering an entry level line of Tiny Tenor & Signature Replica models under a few hundred bucks (solid spruce top with laminate acacia back/sides). They are discontinued yet still out there and I almost got the one a UU member listed in 2022 but international shipping prices made that a no-go. If you live in continental united states PM me with a brief description of what you got and your asking price. Thanks!
Sadly, that one is mango. Not spruce top. So probably not. But someone else might fall in love with it!
Oops! Well, I fell in love with it from afar! I guess is was blinded by passion and leapt at the “tiny tenor” while skimming over the details.

It is mighty pretty…
Thanks. Also specifically looking for a spruce top and laminate back/sides tenor romero creations because of their price point aka not looking to spend $700. These entry level Romero Creations now discontinued were super affordable
This might be really close to what you're looking for in terms of build, and possibly price. This is half the price I paid for my all-mahogany Romero grand tenor. GLHF
@King David
Yeah Scarver had a concert - not a tenor, hence why I asked and wasn’t jumping to any conclusions or naming a price….

Still looking for either a discontinued Romero Creations Replica tenor with solid spruce top and laminate back and sides, or discontinued Tiny Tenor with solid spruce top and laminate back and sides.

PM me if you have one and give me a brief description of the ukulele’s model/condition.
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