Wanted PONO Mango Baritone


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Sep 16, 2015
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Amelia Island Florida
Wanted PONO Mango Baritone and others

looking for a pono mango baritone at a good deal price.
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I got a Pono MBD from HMS a while back, and I love it. It's tuned to GCEA with low G but has a lovely resonant tone that is both deep and bright! Really liking it, though I found the large scale on the baritones challenging with my small hands. My only complaint is I just can't seem to find the right string for Low G. Everything I've tried so far is a bit to metal-ly sounding (is that a word?) Just got a Freemont Soloist to try on it next.
still looking....my procrastinating and wavering cost me a nice Pono....my wife is ticked off at me....it was for her...oh well...in market again and lesson learned...
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