Wanted: Searching for Leonardo Nunes Tiple

Jeff GP

Jun 4, 2014
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Aloha, I am a player collector looking to buy a Nunes tiple ukulele. Will pay fair market price. Thanks for your time Jeff
I doubt Nunes made anything larger than an 8 string. Martin introduced the tiple in the 1920s.
Hi Harvard, I'm glad to report that Mr. Leonardo Nunes made tiples along with 4, 6, 8 string ukuleles, and guitars. He also made the charming midget or sopranino ukuleles as well. Quite the talented builder to be sure.
And a fun note.
While his famed "Radio Tenor" was actually what we refer to now as a concert sized instrument measuring 23" in total length, he also made a full size tenor measuring 27" in total length.
My Best, Jeff
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Wow, didn't know that. My concert scale Lyon and Healy tiple, 1925.


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