UU Podcast Warm-Ups that Make You SWOLE | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #107

Hanging with Legends, Taking Lessons from a “Drummer”, Converting Melody to Fingerstyle​

Learn these Secret Warm-Ups that will maximize your (Finger) Muscles, and get you SWOLE! Before Aldrine reveals his secrets to the perfect Warm-Ups, he talks about his busy Weekend spent going to an awesome concert, and hanging out with Ukulele Heavy Hitters. The guys answer the questions of will sanding and repainting an ukulele change the sound, and how do you turn a Melody into a Fingerstyle Song? Aldrine explains his recommended Warm-Ups and how focusing on Form is more important than speed. If you want to be the Strongest Ukulele Player you can be, check out this Week’s Podcast!

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Questions asked this Week:
0:13 American Tail Start (Sorry about Aaron’s Mic)
4:50 How was Aldrine’s Weekend?
6:05 Parokya ni Edgar Concert
11:40 Hanging out with Kalei
16:45 Going to the Ukulele Site & Jamming with Corey
18:40 Aldrine using his Celebrity Status
24:40 Hanging out with Abe Lagrimas Jr.
32:55 Side Quest
38:00 Would Painting an Ukulele Change the Sound?
45:30 How do you turn a Melody into a Fingerstyle Song?
50:25 Figuring out which inversion to use
54:45 Choosing what to emphasize and accent
57:50 What Warm-Ups do you recommend?
59:45 Focus on the Form
1:02:10 Scale Skipping Warm-ups
1:04:30 Over 300 Episodes
1:09:10 New Song, Open Mic, Local Kauai Event, The AG Ukulele Academy

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