Song Help Request Weeping Willow Tree - could you offer tips on ending?


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Sep 16, 2023
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I put this together - I think it's mostly from Doctor Uke. I made some little changes to make it a little easier for me.

Anyway - the ending is very abrupt. Any hints would be very much appreciated!

Willow Weep For Me
[D] Willow, weep for [A7#5Plus1] me,
[D] Willow, weep for [A7#5Plus1] me [A7#5]
[D] Bend your branches [Em7] green
Along the [F#m7] stream that runs to [Am7Inv] sea [D7]
[Dm] Listen to my [Dm6] plea [Dm7]
Listen, [Dm6Inv] willow
And [A7#5] weep for [D] me [A7#5Plus1]
[D] [A7#5Plus1]

[D] Gone my lover’s [A7#5Plus1] dream [A7#5]
[D] Lovely summer [A7#5Plus1] dream [A7#5]
[D] Gone and left me [Em7] here
To weep my [F#m7] tears into the [Am7] stream [D7]
[Dm] Sad as I can [Dm6] be [Dm7]
Hear me, [Dm6Inv] willow
And [A7#5] weep for [D] me [A7#5Plus1] [D7] [D]

[Gm] Whisper to the [D#] wind,
And [Dm] say that love has [D7] sinned
To [Gm] leave my heart a- [F7] breaking
and [D#7] making a [D7Inv] moan

[Gm] Murmur to the [D#] night,
to [Dm] hide her starry [D7] light,
So [Gm] none will find me [F7] sighing
and [D#7] crying all a- [A7#5] lone

Oh, [D] weeping willow [A7#5Plus1] tree
[D] Weep in sympa [A7#5Plus1] thy [A7#5]
[D] Bend your branches [Em7] down
Along the [F#m7] ground and cover [Am7] me [D7]
[Dm6] When the shadows [Dm] fall [Dm6]
Bend, oh [Dm6Inv] willow,
And [A7#5] weep for [D] me

A7#5Plus1 = 0112
A7#5 alternative = 0554
A7#5 alternative = 0130
Am7Inv = 0453
My suggestion would be to repeat the last two lines, as follows:

Sing: “Bend, oh willow,” (then pause)
Then sing: “And weep for me.” (while gradually slowing down both the tempo and the volume as you approach the end of the line. Also try strumming the last D chord much more slowly, so that each note is heard separately.)
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