WEIRD Alternate Tunings


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Sep 8, 2011
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Safety Harbor, FL
I was just goofing off with alternate tunings. Saw something somewhere about tuning to an "open 7th chord". Interesting. But, what if I did something weirder than that? I like the sound of Sus chords...

I'm a Low G player, who usually is tuned down to "Low E". So, I messed around and found that I could tune to an open A7sus4 chord without getting my strings too far out of their normal range by going EGDA. (and, yeah, true music nerds will point out that it's not a true A7 because the A is the highest note rather than the root... I guess it's more accurately an Em7add11, which is EVEN WEIRDER)

What a COOL open and straight barred sound! Standard chord shapes are garbage in this tuning. But, there are a bunch of single-finger potential chords. Almost everything ends up being "jazz chords".

But, even just jamming straight barred chords is really jazzy sounding! And why wouldn't it be? Every one of those chords can be defined as either a 7sus4, a m9sus4 or a m7add11.

Anybody else got any really WEIRD alternate tunings that they've played with?

Bringing my A up to a G to make it EGDG is kinda fun, too. Gives it a unison string, and still is an open Em7 with no 5. I think I like the full sus4 chord better.
I love alternate tunings. I don’t know how weird that it is, but open major 7th tunings are one of my favorites.
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