Well my day took an unexpected turn...


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Oct 3, 2021
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So I went for a short walk for a change of scene. I only meant to go for a little 15 minute wander...

...and then I noticed a loose dog running wild in the road.


She isn't anyone's dog I know. There are sheepdogs who look like her around here but they have blue eyes not yellowish gold. I corralled her and a neighbor kindly drove out with a leash and after a long-ass drive around the windy country roads we couldn't find an owner so she's sitting in here with me.

I've named her Zevok which means blunder which isn't the nicest name but she was running into the path of cars and the word stuck. She seems to like the name and answers to it :D

I might or might not get to keep her; we've asked around and someone might come to collect her. If not I get a free walking buddy. I do have a dog named Molly but she hates everyone so I only walk her in isolated areas when no one is around.

I'm so dizzy from being bounced around in the back of a Jeep but there is a black nose in my lap haha which is rewarding. Hope I get to keep her.
Unfortunately I didn't get to keep her. She's someone's farm dog lol. Sucks because she's so beautiful and so friendly and snuggly lol
Lol nope. Hypocritical I know but no one is taking Molly
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