Well Wishes (and Songs) for Tommy

So, what happened to Tommy? Did he recover? Is he home? Is he still ALIVE?????

SOMEBODY please tell me what's up! :confused:
So, what happened to Tommy? Did he recover? Is he home? Is he still ALIVE?????

SOMEBODY please tell me what's up! :confused:

Try a PM to Wendy. She might have more info but he does seem to have posted to the current season and I had a comment from him on my most recent entry (which was for last week's season). I also saw a photo somewhere (FB, I think) of him playing his uke in a hospital bed.
Tommy is fine. Just has a long recovery ahead of him. Currently he is at home though he was supposed to be in a physical therapy place in Mechanicsburg PA. He was at an event where he fell and broke his hip and his bad leg (from having polio when young). He's currently in a wheelchair but has high hopes of being able to walk again. I had the privilege of meeting him at the Seasonista Tri State Picnic this past summer. He's a great guy and an interesting character :)
Ditto everything Janet said about Tommy! I had the privilege to hang out with him at UWC in June, at STRUM in July - which he organized - from several hours away, and he stayed with in my home in August for UkeFest NJ 3. He is a lovely guy, and a dedicated uker, and a dear friend.

Janet sounds like she's talked to him more recently than I have, though as she says, he's been back in the Seasons, making videos and commenting on other's videos ... so he and I have "chatted" briefly on YouTube.

He does have a long rehab ahead of him ... so feel free to continue to send healing wishes and songs!
Thanks for the updates.

Anybody know if he has seen this thread at all?
Thanks for the updates.

Anybody know if he has seen this thread at all?

He's been participating here, so I should think he's seen it. I'll ask him.

(Okay, I just PM'd him on FB. I know he's having a harder time accessing the internet these days ... or at least making videos ... given his current physical constraints. But I posted him the link to this thread and invited him to come on by and say hello.)
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Hi Guys! Wendy notified me you'all started this thread. Iam overwhelmed, in more ways than one. As you are aware I broke my leg on October 10 at Fall Fling a Music Get away Meeting. I had been up til about four AM Friday night playing music with some friends. Earlier I was on the open stage. I had hoped to play more and visit with my friends but,,,,, Saturday morning I put on my leg brace, put on my pants and when I stood up to pull up my pants my brace slipped on the linoleum Floor. I did a 170 degree split and broke my femur up high. I won't get into the gory details but I had surgery the following Tuesday. Plans A,B and C didn't work Plan D was BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG to put four 7.3 mm slugs in my leg to hold it together. The Surgeon didn't know if this would hold up long enough for the bone to knit. I expect to know in twelve weeks and then I will see if I can walk with a brace again or become wheelchair mobile. I Ordered a Wheel Chair yesterday, Medicare says it will be ready around St Patricks Day. Today we poured an ADA wheelchair ramp at the house. I spent over two weeks in two hospitals and went home. I got back on the internet last Thursday and started playing catch up. The good news in all this is I have been playing ukulele every day since the accident occurred. I was a great hit at both hospitals with both staff and patients. This somewhat made up for the trouble I made otherwise, Heh, Heh!

I will try to get through all the lovely videos you have made and thank you for your prayers and well wishes.
Glad to see you back with us Tommy and I hope your recovery plan continues to go the positive route.

Keep on pluckin'

Status update No. 2

Update No.2: The man with the broken leg. (UU edition).
OK. I have had the chance to read all the comments so far and listen and comment on the marvelous videos You'all have made for me. Iam overwhelmed! All of these good vibrations will go a long way for helping me heal up and I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart. I have not responded to this thread before because I simply didn't know about it. THank you Wendy and Janet for filling the gaps while i was truant.

Tommy became aware this year and made a New Years resolution to Learn Internet Social Media Marketing in 2015. I have about 1,000 more contacts on the Internet than I had on January 1, 2015. One of the reasons I have so many contacts is that I like to engage people and respond to them when they ask things. As you'all know it doesn't take long for word to spread on the internet. That's my excuse for being such an insensitive brute and not getting back to you'all sooner.

My Status right now is: Iam at home and restricted to the living room. Susan's and my home, (named Cloud Cuckooland), is being converted to ADA accessibility on the first floor. That's going to put a dent in my UAS piggybank for a while. My wife Susan has been doing yeowoman service in assisting me with the activities of daily living, (ADL). We have both have to cancel our plans for the Fall and Winter and this has it her particularly hard. Me too but Iam more concerned With Susan's State of Mind than my own here. Two of my Ukulele girl friends should be mentioned here as well. Thank you to Wendy and Janet for filling the gaps when I was non-compost-Memphis.

My prognosis is mixed. I broke my left femur up high in a nasty way. This leg has been paralyzed since infancy and never been weight bearing. The Orthopod who did the surgery used all his talents to set the bone properly. He did a good job AFAIK but he told me the nature of the break was such that the repair may not hold up for as long as it takes for the bone to set. If that is the case all bets are off. Until the bone knits I cannot start rehab in any meaningful way. By mid February, (maybe earlier), I should know. After I get into rehab we will find out if I can walk with a brace or not or whether I become a member of the wheelchair mobile community. Either way I will be ready for this and I do not intend for this to change my evil ways. I will be as active as possible in the outside world. This should be sufficient for you to determine the state of my mental health. One problem I foresee is the left hamstring muscle is functional but not worth anything. It is all ready shrinking up and causing considerable pain. This is a nasty complication but I will persevere!

Enough of this Malarkey. Lets talk a little Ukulele. Since my accident I have been playing at least an hour and more a day plus entertaining the patients and staff at both hospitals. I have added a handful of songs to my repertoire either because they work or because they were requests. I have missed playing the banjolele but Iam getting back into it as I figure out how to best support the darn thing. I dearly love making music videos but my new living room studio is less than optimum from a lighting sound and performing point of view. I hope to make a thank you video for this thread in the next couple of days. It will probably be in song form as all my cams are fixed type.

Well thank you for reading thus far, This is Major Tommy calling Ground Control to sign off. Mahalo one and all.

I'm glad you are home, recovering, and at the very least have your uke(s) close at hand.

Thanks for checking in with us here and providing us with the info about your recovery.

You have many brothers and sisters here on UU who have deep concern for your well being as you now know, if you did not know previously.

I hope that things progress in the best possible way for you, with the least amount of pain and/or compromise, with the greatest amount of strength and healing for good repair.

I am also happy to see your videos in the current Season. Your voice has been missed while you were away.


Tommy, I'm so glad this thread has been helpful for your healing and your spirits. We are here for you, my friend. Right here, in this thread. I have little doubt we will continue to be ... and now that you know it's here, it will be a great place for you to keep us updated, and for us to continue to send you well wishes.

And SONGS, my Seasonista friends! There is a lovely little PLAYLIST I started that contains all the songs in this thread ... and you can continue to submit new ones here for Tommy's healing and I will add them.

I apologize for not letting Tommy know about this thread before yesterday! Thanks to Booli for asking about him to finally get it through my thick skull that he had not yet posted here because he was completely unaware that "here" existed! This thought had not even remotely occurred to me, because ... I check for new Seasons threads about 5000 times a day, and I figured everybody did that! Since Tommy may not be the only one who was not aware of how to do this, everybody please pay attention! (Of course, if you found this thread, maybe you already know about it ... so maybe I'll post this on the current Season as well.)

BOOKMARK THIS LINK. It shows you every Seasons thread ever started, and it shows the most recent ones at the top. New threads and existing ones that have new content that you have not yet read appear in bold, so it is easy to tell what's new. You can also reach this link by clicking "Seasons of the Ukulele" in the breadcrumb trail at the upper left of every Seasons thread. I keep this link in its own separate tab in my browser and refresh it ... um ... frequently.

I had no idea that everyone wasn't also doing this until yesterday when I discovered Tommy didn't even know about this thread. Maybe this info could be added to the "Welcome to the Seasons" thread ... although how will people find that without this information?! No wonder the Seasons is sometimes confusing to new people!

Tommy, for you ... two suggestions occurred to me for you from your post. I have no idea whether they are at all helpful, but I offer them in case they might be.

1) I wonder if there's some way to isometrically exercise your hamstring muscle without stressing the healing bone? So it strengthens instead of continuing to atrophy and hurt you? Flexing the toe, maybe? Maybe ask your doctor, and/or google it?

2) I hope you can find a way to get one of your fixed cameras set up so you can more easily make videos. I'm glad you seem to be getting them done anyway, but I hope you can get set up soon in a way that works well for you, since you now appear to have a lot of time on your hands!

2a) Maybe someone here has an old but working mobile video camera and/or maybe small tripod they are no longer using and could send to Tommy? Or we could just take up a small PayPal collection to send him one? They are not expensive ... together we can certainly solve this for our friend. I have a wonderful tiny tripod that I use to take nice steady videos with my iPhone when I'm out (away from my home "studio" computer webcam) that I'm sure costs very little ... I will post a pic.

Hugs to you, Tommy! I apologize for not sending you this link a month ago! So glad you are here with us now. We are here for you. Big hugs, my friend.
Thank you one and all for your support and of course the songs. This is a stressful time for Susan and I both. I can't stress enough how helpful and patient Susan has been throughout. There is one thing I would like you'all to be aware of. It is necessary for me to be most careful in the next months to mend this darn femur. The nature of how my body works requires me to do everything in my power to make sure the bones knit properly if iam to walk again. Trust me that is my desire and intent. It is quite likely I will not be able to enter into any significant rehab for months yet. I do what I can at home in this regard but... I have already found it is easy to overdo. Caveat Emptor I guess.

Thanks Wendy for suggesting bookmarking the Seasons sub-forum. It hadn't occurred to me. I hope to give updates on a weekly basis. probably on Saturday nights.
Man with the Broken Leg Episode 3: Activities of Daily Living.

Man with the Broken Leg Episode 3: Activities of Daily Living. This week has been a prety good one all things considered.I haven't been out of the house yet but otherwise the situation is improving. The pain front is much improved. I can make all manner of transfers without inordinate pain. The ghost pain from the nerves seems to have abated as well. I do not know if this is part of the healing or if the Neurontin/Gabapentin therapy is working. If it is the therapy I have nothing but good to say about it. No pain pills required at all this week. My blood sugars have been low too, so no insulin. Usually I can rise from a seated position to standing on one leg using only my good leg. I keep the walker handy mind you for spotting but how many of you can rise to a standing position on one leg? All this of course leads up to the biggest accomplishment of the week: I can use the commode unassisted and un-supervised! Oh Joy! Most of my other activities this week have been playing the ukulele and making music videos, surfing the Net and Napping. Susan continues to provide first class nursing service and we haven't had a spat all week. Bless her. That's all for now folks.
The Man With the Broken Leg: Episode 4: "The Wheels go Round and Round"
My weekly update is a little delayed this week. With good reason! I have finally gotten out of the house and around and about. All the ramps are completed and I've actually been out in the car, and off to see the Doctors. It is the first I've been out of the house for a month and it has been really good to be outside in the fresh air.

I've been to three Doctors visits in three days. The Orthopedic Surgeon gave me permission to continue doing what I have been doing. And indicated I could drive the car! He said the xrays were looking positive with evidence that bone mass was attempting to grow properly but that I shouldn't try to walk at present. Next visit with him is in six weeks.

The permissions to do as I have been doing is particularly gratifying because I told him I was doing everything I could to be out and about in the world. Sometimes it is better to get permission than forgiveness and this is one of those cases.

My experience in using a wheel chair out of the house is mixed. The cheap rental unit I was given doesn't fit in my car, is difficult to roll through doors and up and down ramps etc. These are not complaints you understand. Freedom of mobility is very important to me and I look at each problem as a learning experience. AND THEY ARE! I spent a career building BARRIER FREE FACILITIES and THEY AREN'T! This has been an eye opener I must say. In any case I have been learning to use wheels all over again. In other news I can basically dress myself including getting my clothes out of their various hiding places, putting them on and off without help etc. Everything but doing the laundry is within my reach and Susan has said I have never been able to do the laundry anyway!

The good news this week is there is no bad news. Happy Thanksgiving All. Mahalo!

Great to hear good news, Tommy! Happy Thanksgiving, and best for a speedy and complete recovery!
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