Strings What are some of the best sounding flurocarbon strings for a concert uke?

Yes, they may not be real different and opinions will be different... at least I do not read that a certain brand is awful so you should be okay. (BTW, Worth clear is supposedly brighter than Worth browns).

I am currently settled on what I consider two very good ones for high G: Uke Logic (from Joel at TUS) and Living Waters (from Ken Middleton in the UK). Both sets are from "experts" that mixed and matched what they thought was excellent and then put it out for sale to the community. Both have been stellar for me as I chose what I considered "best" without regards to cost... I wanted the best available (through reading a lot on this forum, lol). A set often lasts me over a year and I want every moment to be as good as I can make it. So a few dollars more or less is irrelevant to me. But that will be part of your decision making as you sort through this.

Good luck with what should be a good choice and likely improvement!

Added: Maybe ask Matt for a recommendation.
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They are D'Addario, but they don't sing, they're not bright and shining. I just heard someone play Here Comes the Sun on Aquila reds and it sounded spot on, but I have arthritis in my hands and have to be mindful bc sometimes with the D'Addario I'll have to give my fingers a rest. My fingers aren't strong, but I love a bright, shining, singing voice. Suggestions?
I have Aquila Reds on two of my concerts and wouldn't describe them as bright and shining - more like full and complex. I like them a lot, just not bright. Also they aren't fluorocarbon. They're a nylon and copper blend.

Like others, I'd recommend Fremont clear or Blacklines, especially if you have arthritis. To me they are easy on the fingers and give a nice clear tone.

Be aware that if your uke came with nylon strings, fluorocarbon are thinner and may not fill the nut slots like nylon. I've never had a problem swapping one for the other, but know that it could cause buzzing.

Would love to know if you find strings that make your tone sound like Matt Stead's. I will want a set or two too.
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