What are YOUR favorite strings?

12 sets in two years on the baritones and number 13 still in pack to try. Worth browns may be it but still have uke logics to try.
GHS H-10 black nylon. All of my wood ukes came with them. I didn't see, or hear, any reason to change.
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I started out thinking I needed fluorocarbons on everything but have migrated to Aquila Reds, Sugars and Nylguts on several ukes. Really like the complex tones they produce and, in one case, they toned down an overly bright uke.

I do still have Fremont Blacklines with an unwound low G on one uke and Uke Logic warms on several others. I like their flexibility and smooth feel.
Swapped out the stock strings on my Kmise baritone with Martin 630 strings. I have no complaints. I use red jasper stone jewelry beads for the tie ends. I don't know if that helps with string longevity. But I like the ease of putting them on and the look doesn't bug me.
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Savarez, Worth clear medium, Worth brown, Fremont black lines, and Pepe Romeros are top in the list of strings I would try if not the ones that come with a ukulele.

Let's not forget the string to add if setting up with low G. My favorites are the Fremont Soloist and Romero wound low G. These two are possibly one in the same?

Agreed with the others that the best sounding set of strings has a lot to do with the particular instrument. On a new or new-to-me ukulele, I am quick to try up to a few different string sets in search of the tone that sounds best to me for what I'm playing at the time.
Any fluorocarbon.

The go to is Martin M600 on Concert and Soprano, readily available, affordable, and good.

I am looking for some light gauge solutions for clear fluorocarbons for tenors if anyone has suggestions. Martin M620s feel too “thick” for me. I only have a few tenors…most of the collection is smaller scale than that.
If I'm looking at a go-to string that I can just grab and put on any of my ukes and be happy with the sound I'm going to go with fluorocarbon and my favorite would be either Martin or Oasis brights.
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As a bari nut, I gotta say I like Pepe Romero's Baby Baritone strings. Put em on my KoAloha KTM and tis lovely.

On my Favilla Bari, I'm still experimenting . . . but I'm leaning toward Aquila Sugars.
KoAloha/UkeSA, Living Water, Worth Browns, and PhD.
I can’t say that I’ve a favourite any more, eventually I understood that some strings just work better with some Ukes, and then there’s the tone that you’re looking for. Aquilas work reasonably well on most things and so do Martin M600’s - they serve me well - but for each instrument there will likely be a better match. There are so many variables.
I actually have different criteria than other people. I primarily care about color. I like dark strings. It is purely aesthetic. I always use Worth brown strings for my re-entrant Kamaka and Fremont Blacklines for my linear uke. For my baritone I again favor Worth strings.

I'm not an avid shopper and don't keep abreast of things. So if anyone knows of any other dark strings for tenors or baritones (barring the hideous black nylon strings that come with the Kamaka) let me know and I will gladly give them a try...as long as there are no wound strings in the set.
My go to strings are Oasis, I always have the warm and bright sets on hand. They are a double length in the package so a great value.

My tenors are all low G string with a wound G and C string. Fremont soloist are my favorite wound G and Savarez 527R or Thomastik CF27 for the wound C string.

I have lots of other strings on hand, Savarez, Worth, Aquila, Pyramid Fremont etc. You never know what will work best on a specific instrument.
These days Nyltechs are my default choice
I typically keep stock strings on higher end ukes- Koaloha, Rebel... I trust that those guys know what they are doing. For others, like Kala and Ohana, either plain ol' Martin M600 or Oasis 8100...both cheap. I got some others (Uke logic, Worth) stashed, but just haven't gotten around to trying them.
Does this also translate to you keeping Kamaka black nylons? I feel like people who buy a Kamaka are pretty split on whether they like the nylons or not.
Martin M600’s on my wooden ukes and Aquila Reds on my banjo ukes.
Even though I try alternatives every now and then, I always return to these:
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