What chords do cats like?

Back when I had a cat 🐈‍⬛ he would always request “Stray Cat Strut”…
I've said it before, but my sweet cat, Sofi will tolerate any chords, or any songs, as long as I don't sing. She also doesn't like any music where people are singing...on the tv, the internet, the stereo...if she could speak human she would say that they sound like a cat dying.

the only chords my cat really likes are the bungee ones with a knit mouse or a catnip-filled ball attached to it.
What ever you do, don't take a cat to a Chinese Opera! Their singing sounds like a cat fight is in progress.
The actors performed amazing acrobatics, but I didn't care for the singing.
(My late father-in-law, who is Chinese, said that to my wife and me after we told him we had gone to a production of Chinese Opera in Phoenix. I had made the exact same thing as we were walking out of the theater.)
No cats here, but one of my dogs is extremely picky about music. She usually leaves the room when I get the ukulele out, which may be a comment on my skill, (or lack there of), but is probably more related to her sound sensitivity. My other dog stays by me the entire time, but again, I suspect that’s not related to my skill, but more likely his separation anxiety.

Someone gave me a CD that was supposed to be calming for dogs. The sound sensitive dog couldn’t stand to be in the same room if it was on. Same when we watch movies - she starts begging us to turn it off if she doesn’t like the music. Some animals are just very sound sensitive.

I had another dog, (sadly passed away), who loved Bing Crosby. She’d sing along, wagging her tail. A fond memory, for sure.
Slim Harpo's "Scratch My Back" is popular with Chesapeake and Hamster. (Yes, Hamster is a cat; the name suits him.)

Oh, and Hammy loves this (I'm pretty sure it's clean...) :

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I think it is the pitch. I have been bitten for having the temerity to play a harmonica in the presence of a cat. But the same mordant kitty is now sitting at my feet as I play chords harmonized from the Kumoi scale: B sus4, C# m11, Em6. But I am playing in low G.
I have two female cats that object to my harmonica and tin whistle, to the point of biting me (although they do give warning first.) One of them also decides that whenever I'm playing my uke, it's a good idea to jump in my lap and stuff her head in my hand for skritches. Cuts into my practice time unless I retreat to the garage.
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