What do you play when 1st asked

For those who are not a fan of the song Hallelujah, give a listen to this a cappella version by Pentatonix. It just might change your mind.

That's a nice one! I've heard many versions of Hallelujah, but this version by John Cale with just vocals and piano is probably my favourite one.

There's a terrific parody written by Guy Snape that swaps in the word "Ukulele" for the title. My favorite part is, "I'll never play the harp in heaven /I'll go to hell to play my ukulele/Ukulele, Ukulele, Ukulele Ukulele." 🤣

I was looking for a version to share, and I found this one from one of our own Sessionistas that I think you'll all enjoy, whether you're a fan of Hallelujah or not.

I LOVE this. Such a fun interpretation, performance, lyrics. Just great. Thanks for sharing!
That is stunning! Is there sheet music for ukulele somewhere? Or did you work it out for yourself?
I got the sheet music (standard music notation) to learn it.
Mercedes Benz or Guitars Cadillacs. I've changed the lyrics of the second verse of Mercedes Benz to be more reflective of current times. Those two songs are my on the spot, go to songs. They are recognizable to most people, they are simple, short, but most of all I can sing them cold and in key.
As an aside, would this thread make a useful idea for the SOTU parts of UU?

Either "I have never been asked", or the 1st Asked Song.

For those who only watch SOTU, like me, maybe you could post the song you would like to play when asked.
Yes! Or SOTU folks could post the song they most like to play.
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