What I'm theorizing about today

Haven't contributed in a while because I didn't want to inadvertantly brow-beat with my enthusiasm. But I have been busy. I have a blind spot. I am not very familiar with frets 3 thru 8. It is weird because I frequently play frets 15-19 which are the same thing...just an octave higher. But with the lower frets I have to think about the notes and the thinking gets in the way of the playing.

So I have been hammering away at the modes of the harmonic minor scale in the lower frets trying to build up a familiarity with those frets and trying to find notes or patterns that I really like. That's what usually cements the fretboard for me.

just in the spirit of full disclosure, I am focusing on the D# super lokrian bb7, E aiolian #7, F# lokrian 13, and the G Ionian #5. And I am only working on the re-entrant shapes.

{By the way by re-entrant shapes I mean shapes that the re-entrant tuning can play on the C, E, and A strings. The linear tuning can play all the re-entrant shapes but it also can play shapes with the G, C, and E strings as well. The cool about modes of any given scale is that the linear shapes and the re-entrant shapes share the same notes in 6 of the 7 modes.}
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