What is your favorite electric Baritone - 300-400 price range?? Thanks for ideas!


Feb 20, 2018
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Looking to get a new electric Baritone, around 300-400$. Researching and more researching and still can't decide....any Baritone players have advice?
Considering the Lanikai Acacia; the new Kala Spruce-Ebony; Luna Zebrawood; Lanikai Maple. I think Pono's neck would be too thick for me.
Thoughts or advice?
you say "new electric baritone" - do you have an electric baritone, or any baritone, already? what do you like/don't like about it?
Hi, I have the Kala Spruce Thinline that I really like! And it's the only one I have had. But I want something that I can plug in for performances and also to upgrade just a bit...and because UAS has hit lol
As others are hinting at - if you want an electro acoustic - make your acoustic choice the prime thing - then get a decent pickup retro fitted. Choose he acoustic tone and playability first. Avoid pre-packaged electros as they mean compromises.
For around 5 yr now, I’ve owned a Kala KA SBG, with a passive pu. Great baritone, absolutely love it. I think I paid around $300 total, Hard case and delivered. It’s my favorite uke, and I play out with it every week.

When I got it, I had my reservations about the pu connection, lasting long haul. But it’s been great. Just simply a wonderful baritone.

Mike, at UR, set it up perfectly. It’s also a beauty.
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