What is your favorite Koa uke that is not a K brand :)


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Oct 3, 2023
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What is your favorite koa ukulele that is not a Koaloha, Kanilea, or Kamaka? Just out of curiosity! All price ranges. I just want to see what other koa's people are playing. Solid or laminate, either or. Go!
My only Koa uke is my Martin T1K. It's a fantastic uke and sounds great. It's solid koa and cost me $519.00
I just watched a video of Alex from Southern ukulele Store singing the praises of a Big Island Traditional Koa tenor. He compared Big Island very favorably to the pricier K brands.
I have one, an Ohana CK-2006. It's really sweet sounding.
My Pohaku koa soprano, I adore its sweet sparkly sound. If it just had a few more frets it would be a serious contender for my favourite ukulele ever.
The only other koa ukulele I’ve ever really loved the sound of was a beautiful little LoPrinzi soprano that I sold many years ago. At the time I didn’t know enough to know just how good it was! Kind of wish I’d hung on to that one.
Kimo ukuleles always puts out spectacular koa ukuleles. I don't know where Hank finds his koa but its always first class stuff.

Most individual luthiers beat out "brands" that mass produce a line (or multiple lines) of instruments. I don't play too much Hawaiian music, so I've gravitated towards builders who make ukuleles with folk/Americana music in mind. That's been a fun (albeit expensive) journey.

In my experience, aNueNue is a great non-Hawaiian brand. They are well built, sound great all over the neck, and are versatile enough to play several genres of music.
David Ingalls built me an Ono super tenor that is wonderful, so that's my favorite Koa (on the back) uke. I also have a nice Ko'Aloha tenor and Donaldson Soprano in koa.
My Ana’ole custom flag concert, with master grade koa back and sides


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I would have to say my aNueNue UT5K Koa Bird Tenor. It has gorgeous Koa with Maple bindings, and sounds as good as it looks.
Of all my non-K ukes, this one comes closest to a Koa K-brand ukulele.


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