What is your most expensive hobby?

Once one make's the initial outlay of funds on said hobbies, the ukulele, the boat, the loom, the firearm, the main piece of equipment the annual cost of maintenance, use, repair, seems to be somewhat smaller(depends on the hobby). I mean with the ukulele I have some extra strings, invest in a few books, maybe a workshop or two. With my canoe there are very few after buying costs. Sure you need a paddle or two and a life vest, maybe a few water tight containers and in my state a 3 year registration/use sticker. But again not a lot of yearly costs. I see with the boats there's lots of yearly costs. And so on.

I have a lot of outdoor gear. Camping, hiking, canoeing, birding, hunting, fishing, wood carving, traditional archery.

Sure I have money invested. A few years back I did a lot of replacing of old worn out gear with new updated gear. That got expensive a bit. But now I should be good for the next 30 years or so.

The internet sure as spurred a few spending sprees now and then. Back in the day with local shops and catalogues the speed of spending seamed to be slower, but with the instant dopamine rush of the buy it now button.....one wonders........

At least we had worked hard and I'm fortunate enough to have a little fun money now and then so as to not screw up the household economics.......
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