UU Podcast What to Bring to a Uke Festival | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #113

Ukulele Festival Essentials, Defining Notes, Fancy Bridge Pins​

What are Essential Items you bring to a Festival? Do you even need to bring an Ukulele to a Festival, and should you bring your most “Expensive Ukulele” or should you bring a “Beater”? The team tries to help a viewer define a group of notes, and explain why they aren’t pentatonic, and why you don’t necessarily need to name them. Aldrine explains the advantages and disadvantages of different Ukulele Bridge Types (sorry for the noise). The podcast is topped of with recounting the Kauai Ukulele Festival and giving a preview of Aldrine’s workshop for the Monopolele Festival.

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Questions asked this Week:
1:45 Getting Closer
1:54 And Now
3:25 What are Essential Items you bring to a Festivals?
7:05 Workshop tools
9:20 What Uke Should you bring to a Festival?
11:05 Bringing Snacks and a Beater Uke
12:35 Bring your most “Interesting” Uke to Festivals
17:05 Getting things Signed and Giving Stickers
19:10 Charge your phones and bring ear protection
21:10 What do you call this group of notes?
26:00 The Difference between the Major and minor Pentatonic
29:40 Not everything needs to be defined
32:25 Hugging Contest and the Kauai Weather
35:25 Are there advantages to string through bridges?
37:07 Sorry for the Noise
38:35 Noise Pause
39:15 Noise Stop
39:50 Harder to Restring
43:05 Fancy Bridge Pins
45:10 Pulling out Bridge Pins
48:45 The Kauai Ukulele Festival
52:25 Including Hawaiian Culture in the Festival
58:00 Aldrine’s Workshop at Monopolele
1:01:40 A Sample of Aldrine’s Workshop
1:04:25 Thoughts Behind Songwriting
1:10:50 Virtual Collabs and Choosing the Play Alongs
1:14:10 Aldrine Playing with a Big Band this Weekend

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