What's happening in your shed?

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May 28, 2010
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Cairns, Australia
These threads always get a lot of posts in other forums I frequent, but haven't seen one here, so I'll start one off.

I've been waiting for a milling machine that I ordered about 6 months ago to be built and shipped from Tiawan, and it has finally made it into my workshop. Thankfully I had several work mates and Liam to help get it from the front drive and place into my shed.

Being in Australia the choices are rather limited, so it was quite a bit of work to source something that would do what I wanted it to, without getting the s!*ts with the limitations of smaller machines. Larger ones are just not an option based on weight and footprint.


I've been a bit frustrated at not being able to spend as much time as I'd like to explore it's features, as there is just too much else in the workshop that needs to be attended too first. Which leeds me to the next thing that's been happening.

There is the backlog of instruments that need to be completed so that the next batch can get a start. The orders just keep coming in and I'm now having to tell clients that they're on the waiting list for commencement when I get though the backlog.

From left to right is a tenor in Milo and Red Spruce for stock. A Sapele 5 string concert for a client. A Tiger Myrtle and Ancient Spruce soprano for a client, and a Babinga and Ancient Spruce tenor for a client.


The Milo and Tiger Myrtle instruments have their last coats of lacquer applied. The other two have just had their second pore filling session.

Then I'm off to my mates in the hills behind Byron Bay, NSW with Liam tagging along in a couple of weeks to prep kits for our next uke building class in July.

The boys are going to have fun in a big shed full of wood and machinery.
Nothing is happening in My shed at the moment co's this is what it looks like this morning :(

But I will sort it out when this bit is completed :D
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How do you get the images to display full size Ken?
I don't know how it happens..I use a DIMAGE Z2 4.0 PIXEL Camera...set it at 1280 FINE....put it on auto..and shoot...then I upload the pic to Photobucket..Click on IMG Code, and it copies automaticly .. and I paste it to whatever thread I'm on..and thats it:confused:
Here you go Allen.
Allen, is that mill mainly for uke related stuff? Looks like a nice size mill.

I would like a mill and a lathe someday. My Grandpa raised me with the words that no home should be without them. ( I guess he forgot about the people who shouldn't get near tools!)

I have an audio related idea that would probably allow me to let all the woodworking tools go, and move into a smaller, less dusty room, but not yet.
Oh, and I think the way the photos display is directly related to the photo hosting site, and the settings for your account. I use flickr, and to get larger pics, the professional version is needed.
The mill is for all kinds of things. Some uke related, jig related, tool related.

I just upload my images from my computer directly to UU. I guess that is what makes the difference.
If I had a milling machine like that..I'd need a rotary table, a machine vice, Sine angle plate, Dividing head and centres, Full range of collets and cutters, and a set of holding down kit bolts clamps t-nuts etc: etc:..and to finish off a digital readout system & coolant pump/tank...and then I'd consider converting it to CNC :):):)

*EDIT* Strike the coolant system..I notice it's got one :eek:
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Sweet mill, Allen. Is the motor controlled by a VFD? And what is the maximum spindle speed?
Got most of that already Ken. It's a NT30 spindle and Ive got ER40 collets from 3mm to 26mm. A rotary table, a small tilting and rotating vise. Going to be building a purpose built vise at Micheal's in a couple of weeks and perhaps some fixtures for necks, and I'm just sussing out which of the 3 axis DRO's to buy. I'll post some pictures later on.

Yes, its a VFD and maximum speed is 2250 rpm. It's bloody brilliant to use, and so quiet that my fan makes more noise than this mill.

Anyone that feels like a bit of a holiday in the tropics is always welcome to a shed tour and a few beer. And hell yes I'm having fun.

Now come on the rest of you. The point of this is for everyone to show just a little glimpse of what is happening in their shed, or on the kitchen table. It doesn't have to be out of this world. Just show us something of what you've been up to.
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Great looking tool!
I have two stakes in the ground marking the outlines of an extension to my shop.
Like everything else in life, now that I'm living on guitar repairs and building instruments, things have to wait till there is a decent pile of excess money, to move ahead on projects.
Life is great!
Here's my garden shed that I've been converting to a work shop. I ran power out to it in January, and I've slowly been chipping away at getting it ready for full production. I added insulation between the wall studs, and because the OSB floor felt a bit spongy, I decided to put down a hardwood floor. I also had some red cedar shiplap left over from another project that I decided to use for the interior siding. I just finished up moving the rest of my tools and getting things organized this past weekend, I think I'm ready to go. Here are a few shots.


Here's me laying the hardwood floor, and then the finished product.

floor in progress.jpg floor.jpg

Here's the shiplap siding going up.


Starting to get organized.

shop equip 2.jpgworkbench.jpg
Birds eye maple tenor with special burl fretboard markers and boxed back
Blue/white spalted tamarind tenor with boxed ebony back.
Cuban Mahog tenor
Tassy blackwood with redwood top tenor
Tiger myrtle concert ( in a few weeks when im back in oz)
right now there's absolutely nothin happening in my shop. lost an argument with a ladder last week and broke my left arm. damn ladders anyways.
i've got three on the bench to finish up......later. bummer is that i can't play either but my typing got faster, ha ha
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