What's happening in your shed?

Nice looking instrument, like it a lot. May have to borrow the concept (sloped upper bout, if that is ok).
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Re-saw day

This was re-saw day in preparation for some upcoming ukuleles. I re-saw with a 1” 4 tpi carbide blade and use a standard 2” fence. When sawing, the board is pressed against the base of the fence while I monitor the thickness of the cut at the top edge of the board. Photos: 1: sawing 10” wide mahogany, 2: I got four pieces that will be good for 8 one-piece back or tops. 3: Sitka spruce that also got re-sawn, 4: some wild-figured walnut I got at a saw mill in southern Wisconsin about four years ago. (This stuff is much harder than most walnut, but very easy to bend.) 5: laying out back and sides for the walnut.

resaw_1a.jpg resaw_2a.jpg resaw_3a.jpg resaw_4a.jpg resaw_5a.jpg
D style tenor redo. This ukulele originally had an old-growth reclaimed redwood top. About two days after buffing out and setup, several super fine hairline cracks appeared in the top. Maybe it was due some kind of instability in the wood that came about when the top was put under string load—hard to say. I removed the top, installed a new one (this time cedar) and refinished which really cut into the build time. At least this was an HMS build which gave me some flexibility in making changes without worry about customer approval.

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very nice..the last time one of these models showed up at HMS it sold in a day or 2....:)
some wild-figured walnut I got at a saw mill in southern Wisconsin about four years ago. (This stuff is much harder than most walnut, but very easy to bend.)

Lovely looking walnut Jerry. Mmmmmm...yum. Please do post some pictures when it is finally finished out. I look forward to it.
They are magnificent, I could stare at them all day, every part is beautifully executed!

Started on a baritone today, being taught by a seasoned luthier :eek:. Re-sawed some nice walnut for the back and sides, and roughed out some perfect mahogany for a neck, split it down the middle and laminated it with some curly maple from the same board we cut strips for the binding.
19.Back Gluing2.jpg16.Neck Roughed.jpg
Shipping these out next week - another 10 out back getting finished and stuff. Busy,busy :)

Arrived today, a high stool for my workbench. I made my new workbench 35" high to be comfortable when working standing up, which I do most of the time. That is, until recently when due to my old age, I started having bad leg and foot pain from standing too long! So I ordered this stool which adjusts from 29" to 35" in height. It is just what I need, I can now sit high above my bench and carry out a lot of my duties sitting down instead of standing. The only problem I had was if there was something on the far side of the bench that I required, I had to get off the stool to retrieve it. So I made this little grabber. Since the majority of the items I work with are metal, or partly metal, I glued a rare earth magnet to the end of a 36" dowel and can now just reach across with my "magic wand" and pick it up! The magnet is strong enough to pick up most items, except perhaps a plane! What I need now is to add some sort of hook or grabber to pick up non ferrous items and I'll be all set!



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Bit the bullet and took my homemade drum sander apart as it had developed a vibration and was making a mess of the job. Turns out the mdf drum was worn in one end. So I used a hole cutter to make 10 mdf "wheels", enlarged the whole and glued them up into a cylinder around a threaded rod. However something went wrong and the drum came out wonky again. The I remembered buying a used beech rolling pin in a charity shop a while back. This is a much better drum and the machine seems to be cured!

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