What's happening in your shed?

My nephew (and god son) is a brilliant guitarist studying music at college in London. My brother bought him a custom telecaster in surf green for his 21st this month and I thought it would be great to try to replicate it in uke form. SO this is what I have put together from a chunk of oak, some maple and a lot of parcels from china.


I have strung it with a low G so it does not upset the guitarist too much. It sounds pretty sweet. The colour is Ford Jade Green from Halfords (£6.49 a can!). Scale length is about 42cm (17 inches ish).
Max that looks great. Should have made it a six string and then people would look at the photo and think you own a massive pencil and spanner ☺

Does his custom guitar not have position markers on the fretboard? (I might be showing lack of telecaster knowledge here...)
Also it looks well proportioned... How thick did you make the body?
Someone took a pic of my hand holding it by the neck and it makes my fist look like it belongs to The Incredible Hulk.
The custom doesn't have fret markers on the fretboard, instead I have installed brass dots on the side at 5, 7 and 12.

The body is probably an inch or so thick. It is laminated from a 3/4" piece and a 1/2" piece for stability. Then thicknessed down to what felt "right". The other bonus of the lamination approach was that I was able to cut all the pockets for electrics and the neck all the way through, which left a nice finish when the back laminate was glued on. I will be honest it is a tad on the heavy side, and if I had my time again I'd make the body from Ash (Fender got that right!), but I wanted to make sure it was not headstock heavy like the walnut UBASS I made in the summer. Those machine heads are full size and weight. I put strap pins on so the weight should not be an issue.

Thanks for the interest.
New tool in my shed

I recently purchased an oscillating spindle sander and have put it to good use in shaping the form I'm building for my latest project. Material for said project arrived last Saturday. Having lots of fun!



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Lovely work Beau and I'm not even going there. Compound conic sections. I don't think so... I do like the red against the ab shell though. Bloodwood purling or red dyed maple? Very nice. Now that I could do.
the shell is actually black MOP )i havn't taken a good pic of it yet) and the red is .010" red fiber from RCtonewoods. I find its best to use a thin colour (especially a bright one like red)
Solid mahogany; Bound ebony headstock and fretboard; Mother of pearl headstock logo and fretboard dots; Grover 4B tuners; Domed top and back; Ebony binding with black and white purfling; Rosewood bridge; Ebony nut and saddle; 1 3/8 nut; "Modern C" neck shape. Light and loud...

new tenor

The beveled edge on this ukulele is a first for one of my ML tenors. It also uses some recently acquired mahogany that is a color match with two others I already had. One is a “leopard spot” figure used for the back and sides, one is a curly figure used for trim, and the neck is plain vertical grain.

HMLT1020i.jpg HMLT1020j.jpg HMLT1020a1.jpg HMLT1020e.jpg
I like the use of maple heartwood on the "Maple type concert" and the way it meets the sides--nice!
Thanks, guys!

"Could you comment on the rosette?"

Well, it's about 140 pieces of Honduras rosewood, pink mussel, and reconstituted stone. The theme is a memorial piece and I thought the vine wreath was fitting.

Its always interesting to see your instruments. I like everything about this one, its shape, the bevel edge and the choice of woods. Please continue to post your work.

Diogenes Blues:

These are 2 beauties too. The rosette on the maple concert is superb.

Uh oh, new tool day, a 7x16 metal lathe is in da house! Now i can finally build all those little tools and parts that will help me build ukuleles. Yeah, I think that's how that works.

I don't know much about machining but I'm gonna learn. Ken, be warned you might need to lock your inbox from newbie question overload. :stop:

Thanks, guys!

"Could you comment on the rosette?"

Well, it's about 140 pieces of Honduras rosewood, pink mussel, and reconstituted stone. The theme is a memorial piece and I thought the vine wreath was fitting.

Thought it was worth more than a passing glance and wanted to hear about it.
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