What's Up With The New "Points" Thing By Posters?


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Oct 22, 2014
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Little River, California
I've noticed that under the name of the poster that it lists the number of posts posted and now "points". What does points entitle the member too? Free stuff? Free ukuleles? I notice that Ken has 38 points and I have 36 so he is beating me in the points game.... Interestingly, Pete shows zero points. Sorry Pete.
From what I can tell, the points are actually "trophies" that are awarded for certain activities or benchmarks. I have 38 of these points, and I received them all on the day the website migrated to the new server, apparently for activities in which I had engaged and for benchmarks I had reached as of that date. I opened a dialog box explaining this points by going to my profile page and clicking on the number itself.

Here's the breakdown of my 38 points:

20 points ("Addicted") for having 1,000 messages
10 points ("Can't stop") for having posted 100 messages ("I hope this took you more than one day!")
5 points ("Keeps coming back") 30 messages posted
2 points ("Somebody like you") one point for each time someone "liked" something I posted.
1 point ("First message")
I now find I have a reaction score of 4.
I think it must be something to do with my hayfever. The question becomes, "How did they know?"
Glad to see some clarification of the new point system. Wasn’t sure what to make of it.
I have always felt that field goals over 55 yards should receive 3 points instead of only 2. Oh, wait!!! Have I misunderstood this thread altogether?
You must be talking about soccer (football). In American football a field goal is 3 points.

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It's a millennial thing. They like points, trophies, validation, etc. Sorta like Scooby snacks.

Downside it promotes people trying to get as many "points" as possible. Doesn't mean they're valid "points", just points. Higher standing and gratification.

It might make me walk away. Seeking validation is not good for me.
Just curious… is the point/trophy system not ignorable for you?

As an aside, forum point/trophy systems are important for well regulated medical forums… and could be good for forums where the topic isn’t as critical.

I noticed a lot of BS & patently false statements on other forums (acoustic guitar)… and they seem sorta on the rise here as well, though because of it, have been on here less. Innocuous at best, can lead to bad purchases at worse.
I don't care about the points and don't pay attention to them, but I do like the "like" feature. Not because I get warm fuzzies from seeing someone "like" a comment, but because it's an easy way to express "I hear you/I agree with you/understand what you're saying but maybe I don't have anything additional of value to add to the conversation right now."

Basically it's a nice way of being able to let someone know they've been heard without having to add a comment. I think it can help keep the main conversations on track, because with the "like" feature I'm less likely to add a comment unless I have something substantial to say. It's also nice in the PM feature so you can let someone know you read their comment but maybe don't have anything further to add at the moment.

I use it a lot particularly here on the builder's board, because I'm hoping it encourages the builders to keep posting pics/talking about their build and it's nice to be able to just like a photo or comment instead of having to post a useless comment of "that's really cool, please post more."
It's a millennial thing. They like points, trophies, validation, etc. Sorta like Scooby snacks.

Downside it promotes people trying to get as many "points" as possible. Doesn't mean they're valid "points", just points. Higher standing and gratification.
Hey man, don't put this all on the millennials. I think it's more of a zoomer thing. (Please interpret this as a joke and not hostile).
For me, one of the problems with the "Like" button is that it discloses the name of the person who did the liking. That can lead to nonsense thoughts such as, "If I like a lot of Fred's posts, then maybe Fred will start to like mine." OR -- "Fanny liked my post so, to be courteous, I must like one of hers."

Further, "like" implies agreement with what the post is saying. However, I can "like" a post that I do NOT agree with -- because the post displays good logic, or is good at disagreeing-without-being-disagreeable, or has made me stop & think, or was unusually pleasant or jocular, or... whatever. Also, I can intensely DISlike a post that presents ideas or things that I fully agree with, but the comments are expressed in a unnecessarily crude or sarcastic or contentious way.
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