Where did you buy your uke(s)?


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Feb 29, 2012
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MN metro suburbs
Multiple sellers have come up in topics recently which got me to thinking about where I bought my ukes. I currently have 8 ukes and I'm not counting those I've bought and sold. Where did you buy your uke(s)?

3 - Mim [Kala solid spruce top, Ohana SK-30M long neck soprano, Ohana ltd.ed. solid acacia]
1 - Bonanza Ukuleles [Homestead]
1 - Flea Marketplace [KoAloha Opio]
1 - Amazon [Enya Nova]
1 - factory direct from China [Aiersi resonator]
1 - won in a contest [mango Rebel soprano]
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T1K - Mim,
StewMac Soprano Kit - StewMac
The rest I built from uke sets I got from Hibdon Hardwoods and Allied Lutherie.
  1. Pledge gift from public radio station - Kala yellow shark - about 6 years ago
  2. Kala T thin body travel solid top - new from dealer
  3. Pono T from Craig's list... guy worked at the gas station down the street
  4. Pono B from eBay - shipped from Georgia
  5. Bruce Wei #1 direct -Thin Tenor
  6. Fluke T - eBay
  7. Bruce Wei 8-T from eBay... shipped from England
  8. Kala thin body travel tenor - A cheapie for the classroom
  9. Rescue project: Aloua T that I fixed up - eBay
  10. Wait- where did that Kala bass come from!?! The Amazon?
1. A couple of Kalas (concert and tenor) from my closest local music store (Duncan Music) (subsequently sold on consignment and gifted, respectively)
2. Gift from a friend who builds instruments
3. From Uketorik here
4. Direct from Twisted Wood
5. From Mim's
6. From Patty here

Fun thread!!
Current ukulele’s;
Island Guitars, Kamaka HF3
Music Emporium, Ko'olau C1
Northern Lights Music, Kamaka HF1
Orford, NH Flea Market, Decca
Jake Wildwood, Enya Nova U

Past ukulele’s;
Mainland Ukes
Northern Lights Music
Maple Leaf Music
Local Sellers (2)
Hanover Strings
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Direct from luthier.
Music Emporium. (Fantastic set up and customer service.)
UU Marketplace.

Mim and Elderly also had good set up and customer service, and the direct from luthier approach is top notch.
Musician's Friend catalogue, Sam Ash Hollywood, CA, AliExpress direct from China, eBay from Bruce Wei Arts in Vietnam, custom from Bruce Wei Arts (7), eBay from Butler Music (6), McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, East-Start China, eBay (can't remember the seller), Zorro Sounds internet, TrueTone Music in Santa Monica, Hricane Brand online.
3 - Lanikais, Ukulele World. The great one run by Roy Cone. He retired, gone.
1 - Hilo, eBay, don't remember seller but they had a lot of ukes.
1 - Vineyard, Musician's Friend
1 - Gold Tone banjo uke, from Gold Tone.
1 - Gold Tone ResoUke, Elderly Instruments
Hmm, let's see:
Local store - Sylvan Music (2)
Local store - Starving Musicians (1)
Reverb (3)
Ukulele Friend (1)
Luthier direct (4)
UU Marketplace (4)
Japanese stores via website (3)
Fleamarket Music (1)
Elderly (1)
First uke was a Donner concert from Amazon
Makaio Tenor Solid Body from AlohaCity
Ohana Concert Pineapple from Island Bazaar in Huntington Beach
Dusty Strings, Mim, and direct from Kala.
Won at ukulele festival raffles
Local ukulele club member
Local acoustic guitar/ukulele shop
TUS/HMS - multiple
Bonanza direct
Loprinzi direct
Uke Republic
Cocobolo direct
We’ve bought from quite a few different dealers. Limited only to ukes we currently have…

The Ukulele Site - 6
Dealer I won’t name from before practices came to light - 3
Southern Uke Store - 2
AlohaCity - 1
Elderly - 1
Island Bazaar - 1
Mim - 1
Uke Republic -1
Willcutt Guitars - 1
Willie’s - 1
Luthier direct - 3
Manufacturer direct - 5 (Outdoor, Cocobolo, and Magic Fluke)
Let’s see if I can remember them all. I’ve sold quite a few as well. In no particular order

  • Mim
  • Uke Republic
  • The Ukulele Site
  • Aloha City Ukulele
  • Inherited(3)
  • Local, Facebook, Craigslist
  • Local music store in Portland
  • UU Marketplace
Good question...of those still owned- Mele on Maui, Best ukulele in Waikiki, Baan in Thailand, GC (a used uke), a music store in Rochester NY, Sweetwater, Goodwill, gifted.

Of those sold/donated/given away- basically everywhere else! TUS, UU, FMM, Uke bug, WOU in the UK, Ukulele bird via buyee Japan, Reverb, Mim, UR, GC, Outdoor, eBay, Amzn, Goodwill, craigslist, local music store.
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The ones that I still have.
1-UU Marketplace

Ones that have new owners:
7- from UU Marketplace
1- Music Shop
Elderly Instruments
The Ukulele Site
Aloha City Ukes
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