Where did you buy your uke(s)?

Hmmm, just realized while making this list I may have a little UAS going. :)
  • Aloha City Ukes (alohacityukes.com) [Risa Stick UKS432-LE]
  • Aloha City Ukes (alohacityukes.com) [KoAloha KTM-10RP]
  • Bernunzio Uptown Music (bernunzio.com) [Goldtone Little Gem Banjolele]
  • Bernunzio Uptown Music (bernunzio.com) [Kala ASCP-T]
  • StewMac [Spruce Tenor Ukulele Kit]
  • Craigs List [Creek Riptide Tenor Ukulele (Used)]
  • Amazon [Cordoba 20TM] (Didn't know better at the time, should have gone to Bernunzio's)
  • ceciliasmusic.com (no longer in business) [Kala Concert Starter Pack]
Of those still in stock:
1 from Ukulele Shop at Aloha Tower many years ago (Hawaiian Music Co. soprano)
3 from Amazon (Donner concert, 2 Enya U sopranos)
1 from Marketplace here (Pono ATD tenor)
3 from TUS (Anuenue C4 concert, KoAloha KTM tenor, Kamaka HF3 tenor)
2 direct from luthier (Pops Okami Wow soprano and concert)

The Hawaiian Music Co. soprano and Donner concert are going to be donated, perhaps at the LA Ukulele Festival next week. I regret that I haven't purchased a ukulele from my local shop, Island Bazaar in Huntington Beach--I support them by buying music and accessories, but not yet a uke.
Local second hand stores
Jake Wildwood's shop
The Ukulele Site
Uke Republic
Musician's Friend
Butler Music
Ukulele Underground Marketplace
Enya website
Kala website
I think most of my ukes I found on Reverb, eBay, Jake Wildwood’s shop, and thrift stores.
The three that I presently have: Martin Sinker Mahogany Tenor, The Fret Shop; the Koaloha Opio Concert, Uke Republic; The Kamaka HF2 Concert autographed by Chris Kamaka, from Ukulele Matket Place on Facebook.
UU Marketplace (2/3 of 60+ Ukuleles)

1st ukulele from Amazon (I know better now)
2nd ukulele from local music store

TUS (The Ukulele Site)
Mims Ukuleles
Ukulele Republic
The Uke Shop
Music Caravan
Ukulele Friend
Bellingham Wind Works

Flea Market Music Marketplace
Facebook Ukulele Marketplace

Ukulele Makers (Direct from the companies)
Second Street (general second hand store): Cotone CS7SL Soprano, Kamaka HF-2

Amazon: Martin T1K, Enya Nova

Kurosawa Gakki: (major music store chain) Kiwaya KPC-1K

Late neighbor's attic: Kamaka White label soprano
Let’s see if I can remember them all. I’ve sold quite a few as well. In no particular order

  • Mim
  • Uke Republic
  • The Ukulele Site
  • Aloha City Ukulele
  • Inherited(3)
  • Local, Facebook, Craigslist
  • Local music store in Portland
  • UU Marketplace
I forgot World of Ukes!
Okay - I''l play . . .

Off the top of my head . . . . of the 24 ukes currently in my collection I would guess:

11 from Amazon
7 from Guitar Center
3 from Reverb
2 from eBay
1 American Musical supply
Currently (still) own:
Lanikai LM-C ; local seller (Craigslist) he sold refurbished B-Stocks My first Uke
Cordoba 32T: Middle C Music, Washington DC
Pono Mango Tenor Deluxe: Music Mart Solana Beach, CA
Kala KATG: Musical Instrument Center, Tucson, AZ
Pono Acacia Baritone Deluxe: Bounty Music, Kahului, HI

Caught and Released:
Lanikai LU 21B: local seller (Craigslist) he sold refurbished B-Stocks, cheap
Luna Concert Daddy-O: Musicians Friend
Kala KA-ATP-CTG: Ebay (I regret letting this one go)
I bought my first uke at a local Music Store. Then I bought two from Mim’s Ukes. My Loprinzi was bought direct from Donna Loprinzi. Bought one used uke off of the Marketplace here, and two from shopgoodwill.com.
  • A few from HMS
  • A few from Mim
  • A few from Penny Lane Music Emporium (When I lived in FL)
  • A few from UU
  • A few directly from the builder

I've only had one lemon that I was able to return. The rest have been great buys and tough sells!
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