Where did you buy your uke(s)?

@SkeeterAB did you have a bad experience with Amazon?
No, it was fine for a really inexpensive kid’s Makala ukulele, but I would not buy a nicer one through Amazon. Once I got my Ohana that was professionally set up my Mim, I realized it was so much easier to play than the cheap Makala that had a factory setup.
Hongkong through Catawiki,
dba.dk, (a sort of local craigslist)
private collector,
Italy mercatinomusicale.com,
brick and mortar shop Germany,
from factory i Poland
from luthier in France(taropatch totally messed up bridge),
Thomann.de which I visited and tried the banjolele at the showroom
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This list is from the early 60’s until today. Amazed at all these music stores that have disappeared. 😕

Horner’s Music (gone)
Metronome Music (gone)
Private party
Harry’s Music Store (gone)
Floyd’s Hawaii (gone)
Thayer’s Music (gone)
Music store near Yokohama train station
Easy Music
Music Mac (gone)
Hawaii Pro Guitar (gone - owned by our former drummer’s Dad)
Gibson’s - Guam (gone)
Island Guitars (gone)
Dan’s Guitars
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Mainland ukes
Elderly Instruments
Thrift stores
Blackbird (local Minneapolis music store)
Ukulele Hut (Queens NY)
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Mim and a tiny shop in Nicaragua.
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