Which Enya Nova uke would you buy?


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Aug 2, 2021
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I probably won't get one... at least right now... but I keep coming back to them. I have enough amazon points right now to get one but I've been saving those points for another purchase. I'm looking at the tenor with effects, tenor with no effects or concert with effects.

Personally, I want the tenor with effects. I like tenors best, the effects could be fun (especially over the next few months) and I'm a fan of the metal frets over plastic frets.

I could go tenor without the effects. It'd be nice to have a travel uke that I just don't have to worry too much about.

Now my daughter comes into the mix. She likes playing soprano but says that concerts are too bad. She'd like to eventually play in church. If I got the concert with effects I'd get a travel uke with effects that she could use in church to plug up. It'd be a compromise on size but could pull double duty. Now, it might be a while before she's ready to play in church so we can just look at getting her her own uke with a pup when the time comes.

So, if you were going to get one, which would you get and why? Like I said, I probably won't get one. I'm trying to be thankful for what I have and practice self-control. But I'm curious how y'all would spend my money ;)
I use the soprano version as a travel and picnic ukulele. It is compact and lightweight with a form fitting case that easily slides into my backpack. The concert version is bigger than most concert ukuleles, so I can't really call that a travel ukulele.
I have all three. My tenor has the electric doo-dads. My concert and soprano are simple acoustic versions. (Coincidentally, I used my Amazon points to buy the concert and the tenor!) If I had to buy only one of the three, I'd go with the tenor for the simple reason that it has metal frets, which the other ukes do not. I don't plug into my amp too often, so if money is an issue, go straight acoustic. It still puts out a nice sound even without the sound effects. That way, you don't have to worry about taking it with you and being careful about it. I love being able to take my acoustic Enyas on vacation, and I do that every chance I get.
I have all three….

If I had to buy only one of the three, I'd go with the tenor for the simple reason that it has metal frets, which the other ukes do not.

The tenor versions at our Uke groups sound fuller and a bit sweeter, probably because of the bigger sound board and sound box.

I’m a baritone player so ordered the bigger Enya Go guitar. The extra strings will let me add bass runs to the mix, while visually blending in.
I’ve had all three, thanks to various sales at Amazon. I kept the concert. To me it sounded the best and played the easiest. I thought I’d like the tenor best, wanted to like it best, but just didn’t. The metal frets are nice, but didn’t make up for the sound and playability.
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The folks I play with that have Novas favor the concert. I really like the thin body, and agree that the overall size seems closer to a tenor than a concert.
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