Which Model Caramel Baritone Uke Sounds & Plays Best???


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Mar 9, 2022
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Thinking about getting Caramel Baritone Uke (low D) for blues, soloing, guitar type sounds, etc. Which of the several models of Caramel Baritones sounds and plays the best?
I was looking at the MB25 (all solid Acacia) which is $179 direct from them OR the CB402 (all solid Mahagony) for $139 from Amazon.

Anyone with experience with both of these that can compare the differences between these two models.

If not, what are the typical characteristics of an all solid Acacia VS Mahogany in a Baritone uke?
I like my solid mahogany baritone well enough, but have never tried the acacia version. One drawback is the pin bridge as ball end baritone ukulele strings are kinda difficult to find. I usually use the top four from a classical guitar set…CDFBF48D-887B-40C4-932F-32EABF4B3D09.jpeg
I've had a CB402 since Aug 2020. I changed to D'Addario EJ88B string set. Acoustically, it still sounds great and I had no problem getting it to sound like itself when amplified using various guitar amps. The separate mid and high controls make that happen. No problems with the 18:1 geared tuners. Love the onboard EQ tuner! They both sound very much like nylon-strung guitars.

It is not quite as loud or bright as the CB305, but that is spruce over maple and was more $.
<edit 1>At the time (early 2020), I also had the Caramel Acacia Tenor. I thought it was heavy and dull sounding. I gave it away.
<edit 2>Tie a common bead to the end of a thinner string to keep it from pulling through.


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I have had my eye on the all solid mahogany baritone and the all solid mahogany guitilele. Both will be added to my collection at some point. I have 2 other Caramel ukuleles, if you are not afraid to do your own setup they turn out to be fine ukuleles.
Every string through and pin bridge ukulele I own have beads tied on the strings. It's an easy step and solves problems.
Packs of hundreds of beads are available on Amazon or a local craft store.
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