Which movies made you cry?

girlfriend got me to watch the notebook, damn thats a tear jerker for sure.
The most recent ones would be:
I teared up during click. Also in 'dan in real life'. idk why, I must've really felt for the characters :D

'crash' got me right when I thought that store owner shot that little girl.
'green mile' too. that was a while ago, but can't forget that one.

hmm what else? must think somore. I feel like I am missing a whole lot of them and I just can't think of them right now.

BTW Deach: LOL at the *eats raw beef to restore manliness.
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I get a bit teary at most chick flicks, but thats because I'm a very sensitive guy, haha!

The only film that truly made me cry because it evoked deep sadness was the film Philadelphia. I had just recently lost one of my best friends in college to AIDS, and this movie pushed all the water faucet buttons in me. I was a gushing firehydrant at the end.
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Right when it came out on video, I rented The Green Mile. I had not spoken to anyone about it, nor heard any reviews. Wow...that was a powerful movie and got me pretty choked up..

Also, I hate it when animals get hurt. I was more concerned about the safety of the dog in I Am Legend than anything else going on..haha
I get choked up watching Triathlon vids. Watching amateurs finish an Ironman and meet their families at the finish line gets me. I know they arent movies, but still....
The scene in Across The Universe where they do "Let it be." I was totally bawling in the theatre, and I never, ever cry at movies.

Also, Big Fish, at the very end. But I didn't cry as hard as Across The Universe. lol

I highly recommend that movie, but if you wanna see just that scene here it is:

There's been a couple that get me pretty choked up - no matter how many times I see it. As previously mentioned - "The Green Mile" is the main one... but "Saving Private Ryan" gets me too. Other ones that I've gotten pretty bad about would include the very last scene in "The Shawshank Redemption" and some parts on "Fools Rush In".

It's kinda funny how two of those movies were written by a horror writer - Stephen King. LOL
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