Which movies made you cry?

Seven Pounds
Field of Dreams. Maybe it's a guy thing... :)


Song of the Sparrows

Okay let's be honest, which movies made you cry?

Star Trek II, when Spock died. I spent a lot of growing-up years with Spock and to see him die just ate me up. I bawled like Captain Kirk...
King Kong (the original, not the fluffy, irrelevant Jackson remake), when King Kong died from his fall off the Empire State building. Man, that big ape was such a tragic character.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939, not that saccharine, silly and very lame cartoon remake), when Esmerelda leaves and Quasimodo is alone, unloved. He rests his head against a gargoyle and pines, "Why was I not made of stone like thee?" Very moving, but I truly loved the book a lot more. (No one can get choked up over cartoon characters, anyway... that would be weird...)
Gandhi, when Godse shoots him, and all the hopes he nurtured are shattered. Really powerful moment in film. Even more so than the death of Lawrence at the beginning of Lawrence of Arabia.
M*A*S*H - okay not a movie, but a TV series. When Radar announced the death of Henry Blake. And again when the war ends (the finale).
Away From Her - a couple of times, but especially when Gordon Pinsent realizes his wife, suffering from Alzheimer's, no longer loves him, and has forgotten what they mean together. A real tear jerker.
the only movie that ever made me cry was tae-guk-gee (i forgot how to spell that) brother hood of war

the ending is pretty tragic, a 2 brothers very close to each other are drafted into the korean war and the older one does anything to get his younger brother out of the army, and drama insues

Saw that. Great, Korean film about a war that seldom gets recalled here. Really good acting, a lot like Saving Private Ryan in its depth.
Soul surfer got me choked up a little bit but all snazzy uke cameo cheered me up.
I bought a box set of 12 Andy Sidaris movies for $5 at Wal-Mart last weekend. Called Girls, Guns, & G-Strings. Sounded like a good combination.

I watched two of the films, mostly at fast-foward speed, last night. Fast forward because the dialogue is so wooden you'd think they were trees talking.

I usually enjoy B-flicks, but these are winceable. The special effects are giggle fodder. Even the jiggle-factor was snoozeable.

They were so bad, so really, really awfully bad, that they drove me to tears. Sure, maybe tears of laughter at times, but still tears.

I haven't cried so much over a film since Invasion of the Pod People.
The Thin Red Line
My girlfriend loves me wachting that, just so she can see me cry.
Escape from New York -- Dang you, Snake Plissken!!
I had a really weird moment when I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. The scene were Hermione uses her magic to let her parents forget that she has even exist. I know that's weird, but for me this was one of the saddest moments in this movie!
Toy Story 3 was also sad.

And I cried at the final end of Scrubs! :( I knew that I would miss JD.
Humane Society commercials send me Running from the room!!
"An American Tail"...When Fievel hears the violin and cries out "I'm coming papa!" Man, that get me every time...I got choked up typing it out....

And "My Girl" because of my blubber head aunt...now every time I see it, I hear her sniffling and blubbering away when that scene comes on. I just refuse to watch it any more.
The endings of Cinema Paradiso, Imitation of Life, and.... (go figure...) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

My first time seeing Cinema Paradiso was as a rental, and I totally lost it at the ending. I was SO GLAD that I was sitting alone in my living room sobbing, as opposed to being in a movie theatre!
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