Which movies made you cry?

Up, Patch Adams, Forrest Gump, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Pay it Forward, just to name a few
I can't watch films with dogs in. I'm a huge film buff, and I've always wanted to watch "I am Legend", but I know I won't be able to.
Steel Magnolias w/Julia Roberts
Imitation of Life w/Lana Turner
I can't watch films with dogs in. I'm a huge film buff, and I've always wanted to watch "I am Legend", but I know I won't be able to.


I am still traumatized by Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows...
The opening montage in Up was masterfully done. It's rare that a movie can get tears out of me in the first 10 minutes without any words...

I also have this weird thing for military/historical things... i.e. when the 54th Massachusettes is going off to storm Fort Wagner in Glory and all the one white dude yells "Give 'em hell 54th." and then all the other white dudes start cheering for them... stuff like that gets me. Or saluting of fallen comrades... like at the end of Saving Private Ryan when he salutes the grave of Capt. Miller... man...
Sleepless in Seattle, An affair to remember,Love Affair. When they shot the wolf in Dances with Wolves.
mrs. doubtfire
The worst movie I ever saw and it made me cry when they showed it on three flights in a row in the 90's.
I guess I'll turn in my manly manhood he-man tough guy card at the counter on my way out, but I cried at.....

The Muppets.

Yup. A cartoon about a flying elephant.

Every gol-durn time.
I get choked up watching "Big Fish" on Father's Day.
"Life of PI". It really is as extraordinary as everyone says.

That and "A Charlie Brown Christmas"; that speech by Linus gets me every time. ;)
I don't mind confessing to crying a lot during movies. I think it demonstrates empathy - the only thing that stands between civilisation and the behaviour that leads to the kind of school massacres we have seen in the US too often.

Last time, I cried? Two nights ago. We watched Forrest Gump with my daughter (our second time, her first) and we all wept buckets at various points in the movie.

Basically, my kind of movie is one in which I really care about the fate of the protagonists and feel their joys and pain. I have NO interest in the majority of macho movies in which the hero tend to kill three times as many people as the villain. IMHO we went off the rails from the moment the cowboy in the white hat murdered more guys in black hats than those baddies had killed.
I cry in most movies, not a lot but still....there's always one scene in a movie that gets to me.
I cry in every movie. At home it's humorous. In public can be embarrassing (but I'm OK with that)

I cry when Dewey's Cox gets up on stage and sings It's A Beautiful Ride... every time I see the movie!
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