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Mar 30, 2011
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I wasn't going to, I swear. I just wanted to pay my little monthly visit to the local Martin C1k, so it wouldn't feel lonely hanging in the shop by itself.

Then it happened. I bought a new uke.

It just jumped right into my hands out of nowhere, there was nothing I could do!

That pesky little thing I left with was a Mini iUke Piccolo in pineapple shape with natural cedar top .

It's so small I never really paid attention to it before. But today I had a closer look: The wood looked good so I picked it up to look even closer.
Started strumming a bit and was surprised by the sound coming out of it. Turned out it had a solid cedar top!
Checked the intonation on first and 12th fret: Good.
Distance between frets: Perfect for someone like me currently having trouble with certain stretchy chords because of recent injury.
The action: not as low as I usually like it, but pretty good. Comfortable.
Tuning: re-entrant (obviously haha) GCEA but an octave higher
Strings: Aquila, which seem to work perfectly with this particular uke
Buzz? None.
Pegs: Friction tuners, my favourite.
Price lap? "But hello stranger! Do you come here often?" :love:

I just had to have it.

Now the construction isn't perfect, there's a bit of glue here and there, the cedar top scratches easily because there isn't much finish coating on it and cedar is quite a soft wood (I thought there was a crack on the top when I got home but turns out it was just a shallow nail scratch), and the top is already starting to sink at the bridge. But who cares when it looks so cute and plays so well for such a good price!

I don't expect this one to last me a lifetime like I expect from my other ukes, but once this one dies of exhaustion, I'll probably just get a new one just like it.

I also usually get the action on a new uke lowered ultralow, and put new strings on it, but this one I think I'll just let it be as it is.
Because "I love you just the way you aaaare"
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Any photos??? video clips?? You're teasing us.

Doing a photo shoot for work tomorrow. I'll sneak in a uke or two and post everything :)

Meanwhile, you can use the magic of Google Image Search ;)
Better late than never! Here are some pictures of the iUke :)





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