Who's going to the Wine Country Ukefest this weekend in Napa California!


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Jan 28, 2011
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Sacramento, California
My wife just texted me and said there's a Ukulele festival in Napa this weekend.

I totally forgot about it and it's a great preview event since we're also, going to Oahu the following week!...

Just wondering what UU members are going to be there this year?
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I'm leaving in 1/2 hour :)
Some UUeres have suggested that UUers bring with them and wear a nametag with the words "UU: [insert UU username here]," so your nametag would say UU: GKK.
My wife and I will be there on Saturday.

Maybe I can get her interested in playing the Ukulele with me!...:) Great idea about the UU name tags.

I wonder what Ukulele vendors will be there? I'd like to see Nalu as well as Kamaka or Koaloha again.
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The prep is in full swing today for tonight's event at the Napa Valley Opera House with James & Friends and the festival this weekend at the Upper Napa Valley College campus in St. Helena. Weather is great and emotions are high! Only hours to go now! See you here.:drool:
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