Why I use a CNC router for precision inlays.

Pete Howlett

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Aug 20, 2008
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Wales, UK
Since Parkinson's Disease reared its ugly head I have been using my CNC router for all of the precision jobs. Bad lighting would show up any gaps in these inlays because the substrate is brown. Not a dark outline to be seen anywhere!Seal Inlay.jpg

Also note the graduation in size of the seal fretboard inlays. If you want to know how I do this, who would be up for a webinar-type event where I demo it all?
Normally I have no interest whatsoever in computer done inlay and seldom take the time to even look at it, but the fact that it makes you able to continue your craft is pretty incredible for you. Great that you learned a skill that allows you to continue creating.-Bob
Thanks, Bob. Necessity is the mother of progress.... even when I could do it by hand I sucked at it.

It saves so much money as I use waste blanks to cut dots and when it comes to chopping up an expensive Ablam sheet I am saving $$$ all the time. I no longer sand through the skin of my thumb preparing curved braces or fret about getting tuner holes in the right place. Custom scale lengths are a doddle and if I make a mistake that can be corrected by a precision jig - my CNC has got it covered.

I see your position Bob. You've seen my journey from the very start and supported me tirelessly for nearly 30 years now. Thank you so much my friend, mentor and inspiration. I'm still making and selling; you're still making and selling. Life is good.
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