UU Podcast Why is Ukulele Great for Songwriting? | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #88

Songwriting Tips, Chord Cousins & Ukulele Prices​

Funkmaster Mike is back this week to give his tips for Songwriting. The guys start off the podcast explaining why the Ukulele is great for Songwriting. Aldrine shares his suggestions for getting out of a 4 chord loop, while Mike passes on Songwriting Wisdom he learned from professionals. The guys set a new Songwriting Challenge before answering questions about Vibratos and Movable Chord Shapes. Mike ends the podcast with his updated guide to buying Hawaii Made Ukuleles.

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Questions Asked this Week:

0:11 Funkmaster Mike is Back

2:30 We want to set a new Songwriting Challenge

7:25 Why is Ukulele Good for Songwriting?

9:00 Ukulele is easy to start with

12:35 How can you get out of 4 chord loops?

20:00 Tips for Different Music Theory Levels

23:05 Songwriting Tips from Professionals

25:30 Every Song is a Story

29:00 Simpler Songs are easier to connect to

31:10 What are your Goals for the Song?

35:10 Songwriting Challenge #35
Use a Chord Cousin (Chord Outside of the Chord Family or Chord that uses a note outside of the Key)

Topics - Goldfish, Chasing Chickens
Key of E

UU Due Date: October 23rd
Everyone Else: October 30th

37:00 How does Mike Write Music (Sting Tangent)

45:10 Circle of Fifths: Chord Family Generator

47:40 What is this Chord?

52:10 How do you Vibrato?

54:40 Have you tried the new Kala Solid Body Bass?

56:20 Movable Chord Shapes

1:01:00 Is a double neck instrument "real" or more of a "toy"?

1:03:00 Limitations of double neck instruments

1:13:25 Ukulele Price Updates

1:20:05 What is a reasonable budget for a Hawaiian Made Ukulele?

1:24:10 If you're in Hawaii, Meet the Ukulele Makers

Youtube - Every Breath You Take (José Feliciano)
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