No longer available Will sell elsewhere. // *as new* Pono Cedar Top Rosewood Master Series Baritone Nui (BN4-4-MS 7657)

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Nov 24, 2020
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I'm selling my beautiful Pono Cedar Top Rosewood Master Series Baritone Nui (BN4-4-MS 7657). I've bought her via The Ukulele Site in April this year. She has full TUS setup. Unfortunately, she does not get played as much as I hoped due to anatomical difficulties. She is just to big for me. She is a beauty to behold and to listen to.

The radius fret makes it very comfortable to play bar chords while not really hampering other chordshapes. And the neck is a little on the thicker side and c-shaped in comparison with the thinner d-shaped baritone neck by Kamaka for example.

Here is the original listing:

The condition is as new. She still has the first strings on - to my shame, since I wanted to play her some before changing the strings. I have played her and do like the sound, but it feels more like a chore and have to let her go to make someone else happy and free some money for other projects. I have kept her either on a stand in my living room or in the case. I control the humidity regularly. (I do that by hand and measure the room my ukes are in continuously.) If there is a deviation from 40-50% relative moisture due to seasonal changes I adapt by household means. I am a non-smoker and have no pets.

I have recently scrutinized her and found no play marks, scratches or anything originating in my handling. She has a lacquer flaw on the rim of the right side lower bout, that has been there from the start. I dismissed it as production related and it is very hard to capture via photography. It is approximately 2.5 cm in length and mostly 0.3 but maximally 0.6 cm wide at one end. To my eye and feel the mark appears to be entrapped air in or under the lacquer. Yes, you can feel it, if you are sensitive and in exactly the right spot. The same is true for finding it in the first place.
There are minimal polish marks but no scratches in the high gloss finish. None made by strumming as I only fingerpick. At the base of the neck, there are minimal dots of lacquer that are palpable as slight rough, dust like pinpoints. But pinpoint is wrong because they feel convex and not concave. Potentially really just dust settling in matt finish lacquer. They are not visible.
Also, there is a bit of a scuff mark on the case. This was also there when the uke arrived. Otherwise, the uke is in mint condition.

I will answer questions either PM or here in the thread. But I'll be travelling in the next week so I cannot promise quick replies.

I'll also include 4 Uke Logic Custom Baritone (Nui) string sets as well as an attachable support for playing her more ergonomically (see photograph).


Here are some pictures I took recently. I took photographs in the direct sunlight and in the shade to show the different colouration of the rosewood. Hibiscus for scale. ;)

And the photographs on the scuff mark, the lacquer issue, attachable support and the proof of ownership picture.

I reduced the price to 1500€. Although I was thoroug in listing the things I found, I believe it to be a beautiful and near mint instrument. I'll include a sound sample soon.

The lacquer issue might be due to pore filler acting up. I talked with a luthier about it. It's really hard to see anyway.
Have a nice Christmas time everyone. Thank you for your messages. I'll try my best on other platforms.
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