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Nov 15, 2017
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This week at Wunjo Guitars we're giving away a Bohemian Oil-Can Ukulele as part of our #FindTheGuysWinAPrize website launch competition!

Head to our website, find Jack hiding somewhere on our website and add him to your 'Dream Rig'.

Find full details of the competition here.


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Thanks for offering this contest, however...

Worth mentioning to save time for those outside the UK, contest is only available to participants in the UK as per official contest rules on paged linked in OP.

Also, Wunjo web site does not list details like scale length, nut width, nor tonewoods or other materials, at least as far as I can see, maybe I missed it, but if not, it seems like a glaring oversight to me.

Most folks will have to find the Bohemian web site themselves in order to get the full specs of the instrument being offered, and I found the same info as per above missing on a few other instruments on the Wunjo web site as well.

Maybe you can update your product listings there to include this info?

Mahalo :)
All good points Booli. I have one and while it took forever to set up, it is a fun little Uke. I played it once here- I believe it is a concert, it is a steel string instrument, and it is electric. I ran it through a modeling amp here just for giggles.
As stated- setup was very involved, and I have done my share of setups.
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