Wine Country Ukulele Festival - Going to California


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Dec 8, 2007
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Sparks, NV
Here's one of the vids from yesterday's Wine Country Ukulele Festival. The monitors were really hot and a little distorted which sort of freaked me out a bit but I just kept plowing through. I was talking with James Hill right before I went on and he was saying that you can only count on playing at about 60% of your abilities when playing in front of a crowd as opposed to sitting in your living room. Well, I know exactly what he meant.
I would say I can only count on 40% of my abilities. HAHA
I guess what he's trying to say is, jam session @ Dominator's living room in the near future. I get the sitting sack!

Nice piece of playing, inspires to keep plowing in my own living room as well. And boy, is there a lot of land to be covered...
I would love to play at 60% of Dominator's or James Hill's abilities. :D

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