UU Podcast With Love from Italy | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #121

Monopolele Festival, Travel Gear & Passing on the Torch​

Aaron and Aldrine are back to talk about their trip to the Monopolele Ukulele Festival in Monopoli Italy. Good times with great uke players! The guys also discuss what music gear they travel with and passing the torch to the next generation of uke players.

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Questions asked this Week:
0:18 We’re Back, but We’ve Always Been Here
2:55 Were you Fooled?
4:50 Favorite Non-Uke Thing from Italy
8:00 Aaron’s Favorite Non-Uke Thing from Italy
11:55 Food from Italy
16:45 Headphone Talk
17:45 What Gear did you take?
22:00 What is a DI?
25:35 Why Aldrine Stripped Down his Gear
31:50 What Gear did Aaron bring?
33:50 Which cable do you use?
36:00 First Night from Monopolele
41:25 Second Day of Monopolele
43:30 Third Day of Monopolele
46:35 Passing on the Torch
51:10 What Ukulele Festivals are about
57:45 Hanging out with people from all around the world
1:00:00 Why Monopolele was special for Aaron
1:05:05 Breaking Boundaries with Ukulele
1:06:40 Last Day of Monopolele
1:10:55 Thank You to Monopolele and Monopoli

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Thanks for explaining how to use DI/EQ with an active pickup without (doesn't have) EQ/Volume controls and the reason for a booster pedal. Just out of curiosity, which brand/model booster?

Also, explaining the passive Radial DI that doesn't need a battery or power supply. Does the passive DI require an active pickup? I'm guessing yes. Simple is good.
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Hey Wiggy,

Aldrine uses this DI:

It has the EQ, Tuner, and Boost all built in. You also don't need an active pickup with a passive DI. The signal probably won't be as strong as an active DI or active pickup, but you should still get a signal. Some people prefer passive DI's and passive pickups, and adding a boost in the chain to make the signal stronger. All depends on what you have and your preferences.
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