Sold Wonderful Romero Creations Replica - Spruce & Walnut



Jan 30, 2013
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Durham, NC
Many of you know I've been on a hunt for a nice Spruce top tenor. On that hunt a good friend and fellow UU member reached out with this great Romero Creations Replica tenor. By itself the Replica has really nice styling. The nice abalone trim and rosette, the black ebony binding front and back, tied in with the same black ebony face plate and Mother of Pearl Romero logo and with sleek Gotoh UPT tuners. My favorite design point is the sharply carved Spanish heel joint where the wood on the back covers the heel making for just a way cool look that you don't see often on neck heels. It also features 12 frets to the lightweight body construction. BUT... on top all that styling there's this great Spruce top with incredible silking, and as if that wasn't enough, the bookmatched Walnut they used is off the charts! Crazy grains that are contrasted by the
ebony bindings and the light Spruce top. Why sell such a great instrument? Only because I recently acquired a KoAloha Red Label that is now my go to Spruce top uke.

The Romero Creations Replica has a proven track record for it's big full sound. The combination of the warm Walnut sound and the strong clean sound of the Spruce top is a wonderful match. The uke comes in its custom fitted logoed gig bag which is very protective. Let me know if you have any specific questions, I'm happy to answer to the best of my ability. The price includes shipping/insurance. PayPal payment can be either Friends and Family or Goods and Services by adding 3% to the cost. Thanks for looking...

Gorgeous instrument! Those Romero Creations ukes are all SO fine, especially the Replica Tenors. They sound amazing!
I had to do a double take @rhiggie when I saw the photos for this Romero. your photos for this spruce top AND your other cedar top look almost identical! :LOL: the different headstocks finally clued in my early morning brain!

both are lovely and if I was your neighbor and could audition both of them, I'm sure I'd be buying one! I've always wanted a Pepe ukulele.

***morning brain also just caught up that this one has already sold 🤣
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