Wooden Tuning Pegs

You'll probably find tuners you can use by searching violin tuners.
New vintage looking uke pegs do not seem to be available anywhere that I know of. Violin pegs do not look anything like uke pegs, they look like violin pegs as do the Pegheds. Wooden violin pegs will work but you need to be absolutely sure the taper for hole and the pegs are the same, otherwise they will not function right. A well fitted wooden peg turns smoothly and will hold just fine and last for years.
The Pegheds look like the dyed maple (?) tuners on pre 1930 Martins IMO. Violin tuners I've seen are a little fancier looking, but very close.
I looked high and low for reproduction ukulele pegs, but they don't seem to be out there. However, violin pegs, especially the plain ones are similar. I had rosewood pegs fit to two of my vintage ukuleles (by my luthier who is primarily a violin/cello luthier).

They look and work great. If anything, they look classier than the original wood pegs I have on my Royal Hawaiian ukulele.
Thank you for all the replies. This means that we don't have any retailing wooden tuner pegs? :( Then I should go for the Pegheds, but then what's the standard diameter of the hole for a soprano? Or it differs from brand to brand?
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I changed my cheap friction pegs with pegheads and love 'em. I'm not sure what size, you may want to check the lutiers lounge or take it to a music store/luthier you trust.