Woodi Plastic Uke Review


Jul 16, 2014
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Briarcliff, TX - Willie Nelson Territory
These are fully functional plastic Ukes called "Woodi" available on Amazon. They come in a variety of colorful patterns. I ordered one to play in the bathtub. It actually plays and sounds OK for a plastic instrument. Maybe better than I expected. The plastic is pretty tough stuff, so I'm not worried about it breaking. It has metal machines and pegs, so the tuners work well. I've coated them with vaseline for waterproofing. It comes with crappy strings that stretch for days on initial tuning. But I haven't bothered to replace them since, after all, it is only a plastic Uke. There are definitely better wood Ukes out there for the price, about $50.00. So, don't buy one of these for a starter instrument, etc. But, if you want to play "Singing In The Rain," while actually singing in the rain, or use it in your bathtub like I do, then it should be just what you're looking for. Incidentally, the frets are plastic, painted with gold paint to make them look as if they are real brass. But they work fine.

Ah yes, Clarice the Pirate Queen - good friend and very well known in UK uke circles.

To the OP - I enjoy my Woodi - it is what it is, some people are really down on them, but I think you are right - at $50 it knocks spot off a range of 'wood' (plywood) ukes of a similar price.
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