UU Podcast Woodshed: The Musician’s Hyperbolic Chamber | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #89

Tiny Ukes, Best Looping Practices, and 3 Stringed Ukes​

Musicians say you need to lock yourself in a Woodshed and Practice to get better. We think the term should be updated to training in a Hyperbolic Chamber. This week, Aaron ask Aldrine what Woodshedding means to him, and what are examples of when he locked himself in the Hyperbolic Chamber. Aldrine talks about isolating and reflection, and how that helped him grow and create his own brand of music. The guys also share their own experiences of practicing and learning from music outside of the ukulele. The UU team ends the podcast by answering how to get started with looping, how is it to play a sopranino, and what do you think about the 3 stringed ukulele?

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Questions Asked this Week:

0:09 Yes Chef

2:25 What is Woodshedding? (What is the Hyperbolic Chamber?)

6:15 When did Aldrine start going into the Woodshed?

14:05 Aldrine's next Woodshed

18:55 The Songwriting Woodshed

21:15 Pulling Ideas out of Yourself

25:10 Aldrine's Reggae Triplet

27:00 Where ukuleleoversoul came from?

30:10 Why Aldrine's Music is Weird

34:30 Why Woodshedding is different from mindless practice

37:20 Why Aldrine doesn't collaborate on songwriting

40:00 What is the last song Aldrine tried to figure out?

43:25 Using a radio in the Woodshed

45:25 Learning non-ukulele songs on the ukulele

53:10 How do you get started with Loop Pedals?

57:20 What makes a good loop performance?

1:04:40 Have you tried a sopranino?

1:08:50 Mim, California, and Not-NAMM

1:10:35 What do you think of 3 stringed Ukuleles?

1:19:45 New UU+ Solos: Brink's Brew

1:21:10 Native American Flute

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