Tips, Tricks, Techniques Workout of dim7 chords in harmonic minor scales on low G ukulele

Mirek Tim Patek

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Jan 12, 2021
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Prague, Czech Republic
As I need to practice the insertion of the diminished seventh chords into the chord progressions, I worked out the harmonisation of harmonic minor scale with the tonic minor chord and diminished seventh chord on the VII degree (e.g. in case of A harmonic minor scale it is Am and G#dim7).

Here is the tab for the keys of C minor, G minor, D minor, A minor, E minor, B minor, and F# minor. There alternates the single note (I play it with my thumbpick) and strum over all strings. The single notes go from the lowest available note on the low G string to the highest one still in the nut position (i.e. to the 5th-6th fret on the A string). The tab should not be played from the beginning to the end - just select some smaller part and explore the sound of single notes and strums by playing it up and down the scale.

Going up the scale you can see that the minor chord and diminished seventh chord alternate one by one with the exception of the sixth and seventh notes of the harmonic minor scale, which are both harmonised with diminished seventh chord.


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