WTB: Blackbird clara or other easy-to-carry uke

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May 5, 2019
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Hello ukers,

I'm considering to have a easy-to-carry uke, tolerant to outdoor and extreme weather.

21in or 23in is better, low G preferred. I have an outdoor 26in, it's too big for small size suitcase.

Blackbird clara may be the best.

Enya nova is OK but it's cost performance is not very good, so far I don't consider it.

Please PM me if you have, thank you very much^^
Laminates make good travel ukes too. Not as sturdy as a Clara but they are more budget friendly and can sound very nice as well. Kala makes thin body lams for travel. Luna and Kala make some good ones in the $200-300 range. If you want a looker that will turn heads and sound good check out Luna's top end concert series. Their Dolphin and esp their Vista series are art pieces.

If you are looking for that Blackbird Clara sturdiness, check out SynergyInstruments.com - they make carbon fiber and ekoa instruments as well. More exp than Kala and Luna, cheaper than Blackbird.
Thank you very much for the suggestion^^Great, I just checked SynergyInstruments.com, there are all size ukuleles, looks great. There are no videos for Ekoa/carbon and Ekoa models, hopefully the sound is no worse than outdoor. Ok
The Flight TUS-35 sopranos sound good, are rugged and their price is right.
Flight is releasing a concert size of their travel ukes TUC-xxx (laminate top, ABS body, neck, fretboard and bridge) in 2021. Comes in lots of colors, patterns, laminate woods. https://flightmusic.com/product-category/by-series/travel/

Uke Republic has the TUC-UCU model for $75. Have to wait to find out the price of the other models. https://www.ukerepublic.com/store/p641/Flight_TUC-UCU_Travel_Concert_Ukulele.html

Baz from Got A Ukulele did a review.
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