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Feb 18, 2020
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Hi all,

I commissioned a custom steel string solid body electric tenor, and it has sadly has not gone well. Please PM me with details if you have one that you are looking to sell. For context, if I were to buy new I'd be choosing between a Risa (LP or ST) or Eastwood MRG Studio, but I'd also be interested in something custom-made.
Are you in the states or in the UK?
You can buy a Vorson (different name in the UK), and have the pickups replaced, and the pots and the jack replaced, all with higher quality items. The other benefit is that the pickups can be customized to match the sound you're after. It's an inexpensive platform for mods.
Thanks Futurethink. I’m after something more high end than a Vorson and wish I could get a Manndolin.
Search Reverb and Guitar Center for a used Godin Multiuke? I don't remember if that has nylon or steel strings.
Just ran through about 20 pages on Reverb after searching for electric ukulele. Most items are hollow-bodies, but some are solid and/or chambered. The Pono may have nylon strings. Several others were steel strings. May be worth a look.
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I had a custom for sale, but there were no takers, until I closed the thread, then someone from across the pond contacted me and bought it. It was a good one.
Look up Mike Pereira, MP ukuleles, great builder and super nice guy.
Mike Pereira makes great acoustic and electric ukuleles.
Thanks Sailing and Kenn, the MP's look sweet, but I've had a hard time finding a good sound sample.
FYI - if future readers with the same question come across this post, check out Sodo Electrics out of Montreal. I am not purchasing from him (yet), but his product looks interesting if you are looking for something customizable in the Les Paul / Fender style. Here's his facebook page: https://b-m.facebook.com/sodoelectrics/

And the website: sodoelectrics.wixsite.com/website
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those are nice!
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