WTB Tenor Solid Wood $300-400


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Nov 4, 2008
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Easton, Pa
So I'm playing middle man for a friend. He's been playing uke for over a year and wants something new.

He's looking for an upgrade, I tried to get him to pull the trigger on the big island that just sold but he was away and couldn't.

His basic only requests are that it is solid wood and a tenor. Everything else isn't set in stone. So if you have any ukes you'd like to offer, feel free to post some info. I'll be playing middle man but the payment will be made by him obviously. If you have a uke laying around and want it to go to a good home, this is the person to sell to.

also, he wants to stay in the 300-400 dollar range. Could probably squeeze a little more tho.
Take him to Funky Frets in Boyertown... lots of ukes to try out! ;) that's where I got my Pono.

He might try a DS Gill ukulele. The Weed Patch in Nashville, Indiana has nine of David's on the wall as of 2/11/13.
I have a Kala KSAC-T tenor with the slotted headstock and a uke crazy case that I'm not playing anymore. Solid acacia wood and near mint condition. Been meaning to post it for sale but too lazy. Would definitely like to move it. Depending on where your friend is, he or you could possibly check it out first. I'm in South Jersey but get up to Willow Grove and Doylestown Pa frequently. PM me if interested.
Thanks for the connection, Colin. Your pal Ryan is now the proud owner of the Kala ASCT. Gotta be a new record for a quick sale on UU!
Haha, I still can't believe how close you live to him. It was meant to be. Thanks everyone for your help, I believe Ryan hand delievered a soup and salad lunch to his wife after the purchase haha.
Gave him a break on the price since tomorrow is his birthday...and as a bonus I got a new jam connection so I'll probably be meeting you down the line :)

Plus today was new uke day for me. Just tuned up my Kepasa and it's way cool.

All and all a good day not to go to work!
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