Wtf Uke


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Mar 16, 2021
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Any thoughts on this bad boy?

Really just trying to talk about how it’s weird lol
I don't really understand what they were thinking from the nut up. I'm just left wondering, "Why?". It's design looks to be influenced by Japanese folk instruments. The body looks to be made out of that hard, compressed fiber I associate with clip boards.
Talk about the opposite of a travel uke! There were 3 styles of these I believe, the surf-o-lele was a bit shorter and one had music notes for sound hole. The design was intended to be beach friendly in that when you weren't playing it, you could stick the point into the sand to keep the uke out of the sand! I've always thought they would look cool on my music room wall or fun to bring to Uke Jam! This one is in great shape for it's age, many have at least 1 broken tuner. I'd hate to pack it for shipping!
What is it?


lots of those old vintage things around...
I like it because it reminds me of the instruments my mother would bring home to me from Chinatown in NYC, in my childhood. My mom loved the orient.
Looks like someone mugged the Grim Reaper while he was busking for lost souls. If Charlie Daniels had played a uke, he would've made this the prize instead of a golden fiddle in, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". Now that calls for a bit of reflection, possibly even its own separate "finish the sentence" thread . . . if Charlie Daniels had played a uke...
If it had a longer scale, I would prefer it over the garden variety shape that you see used by a lot of K brands, Moore Bettah, or Mya Moe. Obviously all those ukes are unimpeachable but come on: another figure eight strummer. yawwn.