WTT 2006 martin s-o for mainland

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Jan 18, 2017
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Hey I know I'm new here but I'm having a case of buyers remorse. I'm looking to trade a Martin s-o that I just bought, it's advertised as mint for a mainland uke. The only other two uke's I have are mainlands. Once I found how much I like ukuleles I spur of the moment ordered 2 mainlands and the martin.

Here is a link to the martin...Anyone interested in a trade?
Link says it's sold. You don't like the martin? I'm curious why not. Yes the mainlands are absolutely sweet. I can totally understand wanting all mainland.
Yea it was sold to me. Maybe it's irrational and I'm sure the martin is super nice....But I'd rather keep them all mainland. They are around the same price point, maybe the martin is worth a little more so I'm just seeing if anyone out there would want to trade.
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